The Innocents (season 1)

The main heroes of the show are teenagers in love Harry and June, escaped from home to be together. Began new life they discover each other and soon they learn the secrets that are kept by their parents properly. These mysteries will test their love and their extraordinary abilities will free powerful forces which will try to break them up forever.

Safe (season 1)

The main hero of the show is a widower named Tom. After his daughter is missed without a trace, he begins to unveil the darkest secrets of his close people.

Norsemen (season 2)

The actions take place in 790 AC. The show tells about every day problems that people in a small viking village are dealing with. From the struggle for power, brothers rivalry, gender equality to betrayal and friendship. This is the story about people of our time, but they live in the age of vikings.

Hawaii Five-0 (season 8)

Great former navy officer, a detective now, Steve McGarrett goes back to Oahu to investigate his father murder on his own. The governor of the state entrusts the detective to head the team and McGarrett stays on the island. To track the biggest gang the detectives team will be act with the help of the governor, and they will have the full immunity.

Blindspot (season 3)

Kurt Weller is an agent of the FBI who engages in secret operations and perform the most complicated tasks that he receives directly from the directorship. The main hero has seen a lot, but the last case is different from others. Times Square, New York. A big bag was found. There can be everything, a bomb, toxins, a dangerous weapon and so on. Who would have thought, that there was a girl inside the bag. A simple girl who is out cold.

MacGyver (season 2)

The main hero of this television series is a young and talented special agent Angus MacGyver who is ready to find the way out of any hopeless situation. He does not like to apply weapons. He prefers to solve all the tasks with his erudition and the things at hand.

The City & The City (season 1)

This mini series tells about the investigation of a seemingly typical crime. At first sight the case looks casual and unexciting. Because this is an average murder with all its consequences. Near a small European town a body of a young girl is found. Inspector Borlu takes the case. He thinks he is to work under a regular routine investigation. Soon the clues lead the main hero to another town where unexpected events a waiting for him.

Supernatural (season 13)

New season of a popular series already is on the screen. This story won the hearts of many people. At the center of attention are two shining and charismatic characters. Dean Winchester is an elder brother who always was committed to family affair. His job is a meaning of his life. The protagonist does everything possible to protect his younger brother and the whole world from a death danger. Sam Winchester is a younger brother. She is very clever and sympathetic.

Life in Pieces (season 3)

This series tells about the Shorts family. Husband John is focused on himself, his wife Joan is bossy. They have three children. The elder daughters name is Heather she and her husband Tim have three children too, they are always busy raising their children. The younger son Greg and his spouse Jen is just waiting for a baby. The middle son Matt has just fell in love with Colleen, a girl with who he works. Something happens every day in such a big family.

Scandal (season 7)

The seventh season of most exciting project is ready to surprise with unexpected turns of events and interesting episodes. At the center of the plot is Olivia Popes team. This woman is considered one of the best specialists in her job. She engages in investigations and protection of people before judicial meeting. Olivias main task is to prove that her client is innocent. She often faces real villains who are ready to pay big money. But Olivia takes the cases when she is completely sure in honesty of those who ask for her help. There are real professionals and masters of their job in her team. They call themselves gladiators in suits and work from morning til night.

Imposters (season 2)

At the center of the story is a clever, attractive and ambitious girl who clearly knows what she wants out of life. Over the years of her activity she has learned to manipulate people and to make them make impulsive decisions. She is a cheater, she is extraordinarily good at her business, and she is a schemer. The main heroine flirts with others so masterfully that she is able to trick anybody. The girl easily charms not only men but women, doing it skillfully.

Champions (season 1)

Senior Michael and his mother Priya go to New York planning to enter a high-level music school. Originally, the boy was supposed to live in teachers apartment. But after arrival they learn that is impossible due to the circumstances. In addition, the boy got a callback. And mother has no choice but to introduce the boy to his father who lives in New York. Father, owning a small gym named Champions, has never seen his son, as he broke up with Priya when she was pregnant. So, unexpected Michaels appearance puts him in a difficult position.

Acceptable Risk (season 1)

When her husband is found killed, Sarah Manning begins to understand she knows nothing about his past. Sarah begins to wonder who her husband actually was and what he did at his work. And why did a simple salesman have to carry a gun?

Grey’s Anatomy (season 14)

The main heroes of the series are doctors-interns who have graduated from college and decided to commit to medicine. Each of the young doctors is ready to do a lot for learning. It may be night shifts, a 24-hour a day work, a work with documents. The main goal is to be more professional in his sphere, to be successful in beloved job. But the heroes are young, and they are not strangers to simple feelings.

Atlanta (season 2)

It is hard to get into the show business. But if one uses hype trends he can hope for the success. But even in this case nobody guarantees the singer to be successful. At the center of attention of the TV show are two brothers who try to get into the rap scene of their town. Nobody believes in them but the guys still try. Life keeps testing them but the main heroes keep believing in their luck and do not give up in front of difficulties.

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