The Voice (season 14)

This is a unique music project. It has gained unprecedented popularity. Similar shows appeared in other countries. It is all because of unknown till now way of casting the participants. Members of jury rate participants for their talents only. They do not see the participants, they hear their voices only. Thus, only the most talented people are allowed to take part in the project. Only the voice of the participant matters and nothing diverts attention away. Famous musicians acts as judges and search for the voice.

The Standups (season 2)

We go to the incredible city of Los Angeles where talented young people perform their stand-ups. At the center of attention of the project are six half-hour monologues in which every one of them tries to tell an interesting, profound and complicated story full of humor, intrigues and amazing ending. Life situations and stories from private life are waiting for you here. Awkward comic stories are the thing of which everybody assembles to listen to. Every comic makes laugh and funny in his own way.

Scandal (season 2)

This is a continuation of an exciting and dramatic TV show keeps follow the life and love affairs of an attractive and beauty woman named Olivia Pope. Long time ago, when she was a young and inexperienced girl she had an affair with a married man who turned out to be a governor. The naive girl could not imagine where would that lead. After a while the man became the first person of the state, the President. But he had no plans to let Olivia go, and he lived double life.

Little Dog (season 1)

Tommy Ross used to be a talented and up-and-coming boxer who was very promising ans successful. He was characterized with his amazing technique and agility. He was called Little Dog because he was like a dog that does not look big, but he lushes out at the enemy making him retreat in a panic. But sports career of Ross has come to the end. Now the main hero tries to live ordinary person life. But everything goes wrong. The past is knocking on his door permanently reminding about itself.

McLeod’s Daughters (season 3)

Jack Mcleod has owned a great ranch. Everything that he managed to leave to his daughters is a piece of land that was invaluable one for him when he was alive. Jack has two daughters. They have splitted the inherited ranch. The first one, Claire, has been living with father for all her life. She was his loyal assistant, she learned from him how to take care for the ranch, and she knows what effort one should make to keep this place prosperous. Tess has been living in a city with mother, and she has no idea how helpful may the inheritance be for her.

Final Space (season 1)

Many people think the remotest corners of the universe keep incredible secrets that may change views to life of million people. Somebody thinks something that beyond the understanding of the human is located on the edge of the universe. Gary says there is a castle made of marshmallow on the edge of the universe. The one who gets there first can taste it. And this is not all. That castle has a lot of towers. Some of them are made of gelatin and some ones keep more tasty secrets. In addition, Gary claims a force of nature lives inside of the castle and glowing incredibly beautiful light.

UnREAL (season 3)

Love reality shows are the real chaos where one can not understand what is going on. Often the thing that are happening on the screen are only the tip of the iceberg. Sometime the thing that are happening out of the screen are more interesting than the thing that are filmed. Backstage is more emotional and serious than the thing that are being showed to the audience. In the pursuit of the ratings the directors try to catch hot shots full of real emotions and feelings. The audience will like it for sure. The actors themselves understand that they will be fired if they will not make a show.

The Resident (season 1)

The main hero of the TV show Devon Pravesh works as a doctor in one of the hospitals of his native town. The character has idealistic views on life. He immediately shows his serious intention to his work. But his superior doctor Conrad Hawkins is hardly getting used to such assistant. The views of Devon make Conrad shows the other side of doctors practices to the young assistant. It turned out that the question of life or death of the patient is decided not only a doctor but a patient. Often even a cynic doctors view on the things that happens to his patient does not mean the fail of the treatment. Young Devon guiding by his perfectionism starts to gradually understand the world of Conrad, the man who always perfectly shows himself in his job, but he is a cold and closed person.

The Good Doctor (season 1)

At the center of this medical drama is a story of a doctor-autistic Shaun Murphy. The young surgeon becomes an employee of a big hospital where he is to help patients and save lives every day. The problem is Shaun, due to his physiological characteristics, cannot have feelings for other people. The American series is an adaptation of the same name Korean series of 2013.

The Alienist (season 1)

The action of the criminal drama takes place in New York of nineteenth century. A series of terrible child murders committed in the city. The character of the crimes suggests that there is a kind of ritual in the base of it. Theodore Roosevelt, the future president, heads the group of specialists who have to track the maniac. Among them are a psychologist, a police woman, a journalist and two detective brothers.

Superior Donuts (season 2)

The main hero of the series is an experienced owner of a small cafe Arthur Przybyszewski. Arthur is severe and likes to grumble. He has trouble with his work last period. Arthur decides to hire an assistant, a young dark-skinned guy Franco. The heroes of the series are to find common language between each other and clients.

Scorpion (season 4)

The main hero of this series, Walter Obrien, is a clever and talented man. Very few people have the same mind as he has. But because all of that his life is not easier and more successful. To be one of the most clever people in the world does not mean to feel happy. On the contrary, it makes more trouble for Walter.

Murdoch Mysteries (season 11)

We go to the end of the nineteenth century to Canada. In Toronto, terrible and mysterious murders commit. Detective William Murdoch gets involved. He is already experienced person in his sphere, because of that he tries to use his own methods of investigation. Murdoch calls his methods a new science forensics. Forensic doctor Julia Ogden supports him. She is loyal and always ready to help. Julia can give advice and explore the bodies. William is very clever.

Mr. Pickles (season 3)

In an ordinary town ordinary Goodman family lives. They love their pet named Mr Pickles. But nobody of them knows that the dog with deviant behavior conducts satanic worships at nights and strongly terrorizes every living thing in the neighborhood.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (season 3)

Sinister Thanos continues his offensive. Who will stop him? Who will lead the world and the universe to calm and harmony? It is hard to answer this question because guardians have to fight on their territory and the territory of the enemy. This is an exciting series telling about the guardians of the universe. The main characters are members of the team of space warriors each of which is well-trained and ready to go into a battle to protect dear Earth.

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