Knight Squad (season 1)

A team of young teenagers goes to the magical school of knights to comrehend all the subtleties and peculiarities of that extraordinary profession. They will meet many things within that miraculous educational institution. It turns out that the shield, arms and skills are the part of what a real knight has to have. Courage, bravery, strength, rapidity and, the main thing, savvy. These are that a real hero in armor has to have. They will learn these things during the course in the school. It honestly will take the breathe away.

Pete the Cat (season 1)

This is a new music animated series about world exploration and new finds. It is based on the children's books by James Dean.

Channel Zero (season 4)

Mike tried to forget his childhood all his life. It is full of various not exactly hallmark memories. For that sake he even left hometown and relocated to a big city. Years passed by and it became calmer in Mike's heart. He received good education and now he works as a child psychologist. His patients love him and his colleagues respect him. But one day a little patient care makes him recall everything he hided in the deep of his mind.

The Guest Book (season 2)

This is a story of various people that visited the recreational cottage in the town of Mount Trace. Each of them dreams about relaxing and forgetting urgent challenges. But staff and administration of the resort town have the funniest life. This work seems to be easy. You just have to provide service to the guests and take care of nothing else. But in real life it's very hard to guess the needs of capricious clients.

Wynonna Earp (season 3)

This series is screen adaptation of an American comic by IDW. It tells about incredible adventures of Wynonna Earp, a young hunter for demons and other scum. Somebody has big money, somebody has a great talent, but our heroine has a big gun killing demons, monsters and others. She is a great-granddaughter of legendary sheriff Wyatt Earp who become a national hero of America thanks to his amazing achievements.

Big Hero 6 The Series (season 1)

We invite you to new colorful animated series watching. It will tell the audience about amazing adventures of real super heroes ready to defend their San Francisco by all forces. The characters are unique. They are Disney world representatives. It means that every young viewer will like them. In general, get ready, along with the local super heroes, to have a big fight against evil forces. This is a brand-new view to the super hero topic by real masters of animation.

Killjoys (season 4)

At the center of the plot of this sci-fi TV show is a team of three bounty hunters living on the planet Qresh. Its inhabitants have long discovered all the nearby satellites and organized an interplanetary community. Our heroes are real professionals of their business. They are ready take the most dangerous case if they will be well paid. Despite they are only three they have a number of skills that help them to compliment each other and make them almost invulnerable.

Playing for Keeps (season 1)

One has to have nerve of steel to be the wife of a football player. This series will plunge you into the dissolute world of Australian football where secrets, lie, scandals and murders are waiting for you.

Marvel’s Daredevil (season 3)

After a tragic accident, the boy named Matt Murdock loses his eyesight forever. At the beginning the guy was damaged with it. But soon he realized that all his other senses are heightened. In his youth the main character managed to get into university where he got a law degree. Blindness didn't stop Matt to start his own law firm.

Midnight, Texas (season 2)

The main hero is hard to sort out his own life. He is afraid of having a unique talent. He is different from other people and has to hide the truth. People around him are just afraid of him. They think his words are nonsense. But the representatives of the spirit world do not intend to stop and they use the body of the young man in their purposes.

The Paynes (season 1)

This is a spin off of the TV show House of Payne. Curtis and Ella Payne try to enjoy their retirement in Florida. But one bad real estate buying makes their life not the fairy tale that they have dreamed about.

Raven’s Home (season 2)

This comedy show will tell the story of two families. Two single moms Raven and Chelsea. At first, there was just women friendship between them. But after a while they decided two families better two live together. So children can be looked after more easily because one mom can look after her children and other ones. One can not be afraid of running errands. One of the Ravens children began to predict the future that will be in several hours, maybe several days. After that, something extraordinary began to happen.

Outcast (season 2)

Sometime you just live your life and this happens. Really strange and unexplainable things begin to happen to you. Moreover, nobody being of sound mind can explain some of these supernatural things. It makes you scared because people begin to notice something wrong with you. The main hero of the show is a young man suffering from strange visions.

A Discovery of Witches (season 1)

Diana Bishop is a representative of ancient blood of Salem witches. But after her parents death she refused her purpose and was completely dedicated to the study of history in Oxford. One day in the library she found an ancient manuscript and accidentally woke up mysterious forces. From that moment Dianas life is in danger. In addition to all the troubles she falls in love with vampire Matthew Clairmont and breaks the age-old taboo.

Sorry For Your Loss (season 1)

In the center of attention of this drama series is a story of a young woman that has recently been happy in marriage, and she loved his husband. But the man came to a tragic end. He died. How do the young widow get past the grief? Leigh chooses not the most popular ways of dealing with it. The heroine decides to turn to the past and to reconcile with lost friends. Will the girl be able to take control over her life and to find long-awaited happiness.

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