Star (season 3)

This TV show follow the path of full of music Empire. This is absolutely not a spin-off but a fully independent story. The plot of the show is not very complicated. Three novice singers learn how to live in a cruel music business. But their talent is not the only thing they need to be successful. This is the main reason for the most dramas in the show. The main things are music and emotions. And, of course, popular music stars. Lenny Kravitz for example.

Chicago P.D. (season 6)

Crimes are always committed in a big megalopolis. The high level of crime forced local authority to think about organization of the special police unit that specializes in serious offenses. To increase the effectiveness of the new unit, they made a decision to divide it into two departments.

Criminal Minds (season 14)

In Seattle, Washington four beautiful girls had disappeared in a short period. Soon they were found raped and killed with particular cruelty. At first sight the victims had nothing in common. Absolutely different appearance, different age level and clothes. The police suggested a serial maniac was in the city. But the murderer had not left any traces. This is why the investigation was deadlocked. After that, the investigation was tasked to a special FBI unit that specializes in solving such cases.

Chicago Med (season 4)

High qualified doctors work in a famous Chicago hospital. This medical institution is considered to be one of the best ones in the USA. This is not surprising because the whole staff is real professionals who are extremely experienced. One can hardly get the job here. Chief doctor together with the recruitment specialist exposes all candidates to the strictest selection. He sincerely believes only the best ones deserve to get job in such a prestigious place. The man draws attention not to the level of education, qualification and the background of the candidate only, but personal qualities.

Mr. D (season 8)

The school of a small town was the most ordinary one. Strict discipline and respect to teachers were tradition. It has been so till the moment a new teacher named Mr. D appears. Funny and touching person. He won the love of teachers and students at once. It is a rather rare thing. The secret of Mr. D is incredibly simple. He cares, he tries to understand every child.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (season 1)

In 2018, streaming service Netflix is relaunching a cult animated series about the fight between good and evil on a far planet of Etheria. This fantastic story of She-Ra tells about a girl named Adora.

The Amazing World of Gumball (season 6)

Every day, the children who meet kitty Gumball feel really happy about it. Gumball has a brave and loyal friend. Goldfish Darwin is always near Gumball. They always please their friends, getting into good situations and not so good ones.

Kim’s Convenience (season 3)

This is a situation comedy telling about the family that migrated to Toronto in the 1980s and opened their own mini store.

American Horror Story (season 8)

This is a popular horror TV show. It has rightfully won a place as a respected thing in the television world. At the moment the project consists of seven stories that are not related to each other. They keep the audience in tension all the time.

Empire (season 5)

The story about the head of the musical Empire, who learns that he is terminally ill, and he has only three years to live. He wants his Empire continue to live after him, and therefore he decides to choose an heir. His three sons and ex-wife begin to fight for the throne.

The Bisexual (season 1)

After a hard breakup with her girlfriend Leila is forced to live together with neurotic Gabe and to begin a new life where not only new women but men appear. Leila is showing Gabe the world of lesbians.

Dark Heart (season 1)

In very turbulent times Detective Inspector William Wagstaffe and his team investigate a series of terrible and cruel attacks on pedophiles that managed to escape justice.

This Is Us (season 3)

Eighteen million people in the world celebrate their birthday on one day. The holiday is not the only thing that is common between them. Someone has just born but has not seen his died mother. He is staying with suffering father. Someone, on his birthday, has decided to find his parent that left him many years ago. Someone is extremely embarrassed about his obesity and overeating. Frequently paths of absolutely unfamiliar people are twisted in a strange way.

The Voice (season 15)

This project is a unique musical show that is very popular in America and then all over the world. Later such shows began to air in many other countries. The main feature of the project is the way of casting the participants that will compete each other. The thing is jury assesses the vocal gifts only.

The Amazing World of Gumball (season 5)

Gumball is a twelve-years kitty that always gets in troubles. But he doesn't learn on his mistakes facing funny situations again and again.

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