Chef’s Table (season 4)

The heroes of this TV show are chefs from world-famous restaurants. They tell about their lives, restaurants and how their masterpieces are born.

Teachers (season 3)

The series will tell you about funny work days of six teachers working at school. The first one of them is a narcissistic and selfish person. She scolds children who are afraid of her and do not love her. The second one is a little obsessed on the policies and veganism woman. She tries to raise her students in the same spirit. The third one is hopelessly romantic person trying to find in the students sympathetic ears and support.

Disenchantment (season 1)

The actions of this fantasy comedy for adults from author of the Simpsons develop in a seedy kingdom of Dreamland where young and wicked drinker princess Bean lives. There are also her private demon Luci and evil companion, grumpy elf Elfo. Traveling around the country the three meet on their way ogres, fairies, harpies, devils, trolls, sea monsters and myriad ordinary fools.

Kidding (season 1)

The main hero of the show is a man named Jeff. He is a popular host that often appears on the screens of children TV. His show is popular among the viewers of all ages. Because the man tells about how to manage various troubles happening in everyones life. Troubles often sneak up on you and you are startled. But the main hero always has one or two advice that are able to turn viewers life around.

Drunk History (season 5)

Today we begin to learn a crucial subject, history. But your teacher had got drunk out yesterday and today he is hydrating. So we can not garantee the precision of the events we are talking about. But for your understanding, dear children, his naration is staged by some famous people. All references to living persons are intentional.

Younger (season 5)

This American TV series tells the story of a woman who had to adapt to circumstances. Liza is forty years old. She happens to divorce her husband and now she is a single mother. The woman decides to start a new life and to find a new job. But it turned out to be not so easy. She is at the age when the employers are reluctant to hire people. So Liza dares to desperate action. She changes her appearance by changing the image to be more youth. In addition, she changes her age. Now she is not forty but twenty-six.

The 100 (season 5)

This exciting sci-fi TV show is based on the same name work by American writer Kass Morgan. The action unfolds in the distant future after the global nuclear disaster has happened on Earth. As a result the planet had become uninhabitable and the whole survived population of the planet had to relocate to space stations. Time passed by, the population of the stations grew. After a hundred years, it has led to overcrowding that had resulted in serious problems. Mankind begins to lack in vital resources. They had decided to send a survey group to Earth. A hundred of juvenile criminals was selected for this dangerous mission. The teenagers had a small choice. To stay and to be an inmate or to live free life on the infected planet.

Animal Kingdom (season 3)

The producers of the show were inspired by the same name Australian movie by David Michod of 2010. This is a story of seventeen-years-old Joshua Cody who after his mothers death moves to the relatives in a beach town in Southern California. The head of the family Janine Cody rules the family business. Her main assistant is the elder brother Pope. Other sons help their mother as best as they can. In a short time Joshua realizes the family business is related to crimes and now he perforce is a part of that new for him and deadly dangerous world.

The Bold Type (season 2)

A dramatic TV series will show you an exciting story of the path of the chief editor of a womens fashion magazine named Cosmopolitan. At the center of the plot are three young girls, journalist Jane, office manager Sutton and social media manager Kat. They live in gorgeous New York and work on a modern fashion magazine named Scarlett. Being good friends they enjoy their success keeping in mind to help each other. Despite all of that every one of them has not only personal trouble but ambitions about the loved magazine development.

Wentworth (season 6)

In this drama series the action takes place in Australia. It follows the lives of woman-prisoners that are made by their own, sometimes cruel, laws. If they do not uphold the laws they can die. Each episode is devoted to the story of one prisoner during which the viewer learns the reasons why the woman got into prison. At the center of the plot is Bea Smith. Life made her to part with her daughter and to wait patiently for the court decision.

Corner Gas Animated (season 1)

This is a thirteen-episodes Canadian project which is created by Brent Butt and David Storey. The animated series is based upon a sitcom named Corner Gas that was broadcast from 2004 to 2009. The show will tell about every day life of inhabitants of a small town of Dog River, Saskatchewan. TV series promises to be like its prototype but the screenwriters claimed that, thanks to animation, they would be able to make much more unreal things in the plot of the show.

Our Girl (season 4)

The main heroine of the drama series is a young English girl Molly Dawes grown in a simple family. Learned her boyfriend is cheating her Molly decided to totally change her life and became a servicewoman. The girl is a military medic now. She goes to the front line to the English army unit in Afghanistan.

Whose Line is it Anyway? (season 14)

We go to the beginning of the twentieth century. At the center of attention of the plot are events that took place on Saint Valentines day. A group of students of high school with their teachers goes on picnic. They chose a great spot. The main heroines end up on the Hanging rock that captures with its nature beauty. People say this place has not changed its appearance for a million years. But there are rumors it contains a mysterious power inside.

Supergirl (season 3)

Before you is a project in a superhero genre for all the fans of such a style. At the center of the story attention is a young girl named Kara Zor-El, who used to live on the blooming and developing planet Krypton. The main character has unique abilities, but she does not know about it yet. The girl opens her super powers on Earth where she leaves her home. The girl is twenty-four years old. On Earth, she faces the people who use their super powers for their own purpose.

Elementary (season 6)

This is a new interpretation of classical work by Arthur Conan Doyle about Sherlock Holmes. But the things are progressing not in the classical way. The main hero is not in London and is not in Victorian times. He is in New York city in the present. One more surprise is waiting for viewers. Now Sherlock has an assistant girl in the person of Dr. Joan Watson. This is a modern criminal drama about duet of a private detective and a doctor. They solve the most complicated cases in the New York police department.

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