You (season 1)

The plot of the show is the twenty-first century story of love. The main hero Joe Goldberg is a guy who is twenty-some years old. He intends to use all the social technical blessings of civilizations that he has to make the girl of his dream fall in love with him. But sympathy that escalated into obsession erases all the moral barriers for Joe on the way to achieving what he planned.

God Friended Me (season 1)

This is a humorous and inspiring story that tells about the topics of faith, human existence and science. The show follows a confirmed atheist whose life turns upside down when he begins being friends with God on Facebook. Unwittingly he becomes an agent of change in the lives and destinies of the surrounding people.

NCIS: Los Angeles (season 10)

Special services have to watch relentlessly for compliance with the law. There are always people who want to commit a malicious act for selfish purposes. A special unit of the police monitors the criminals that threaten the security of the whole country. Special agent Sam Hanna is a retired SEAL who previously served in the hot spots of Iraq and Afghanistan. He specializes in observation using only the most advanced developments in his work.

Informer (season 1)

The officer of anti terrorism department forces a young resident of East London, a second-generation national of Pakistan, to work for himself being an undercover agent.

Knight Squad (season 1)

A team of young teenagers goes to the magical school of knights to comrehend all the subtleties and peculiarities of that extraordinary profession. They will meet many things within that miraculous educational institution. It turns out that the shield, arms and skills are the part of what a real knight has to have. Courage, bravery, strength, rapidity and, the main thing, savvy. These are that a real hero in armor has to have. They will learn these things during the course in the school. It honestly will take the breathe away.

The Last Ship (season 5)

This sci-fi TV show is based on the same name novel by American writer and journalist William Brinkley. The action takes place just after a horrible global epidemic of previously unknown virus on the Earth. More than eighty percent of the population of the planet were the victims of the virus. One of the few survivors is the crew of battleship Nathan James that was far away from land at that moment. A responsible and complicated task falls on them. They have to find the cure for the virus to save the mankind from the total extinction.

The Deuce (season 2)

At the center of the plot is a big story of adult movies of the 1970s and 1980s. It tells about two brothers who have made a fortune in that business. It was a crazy time when the sexual revolution, cultural leap through and changes in the society led to making erotic and pornographic movies. This sort of business is still a source of conflict opinions. In those years it was something brand-new and amazing. Producers of such movies appeared everywhere. Some of them achieved success. Some of them broke their lives.

Supergirl (season 4)

This show will tell the story of Kara Zor-El from planet Krypton. After her home planet annihilation, Kara arrives to the Earth where she hides her super human abilities. But when she is twenty-four she decides to use her power for good and to become a hero that she has always dreamed to be.

Rel (season 1)

Lil Rel Howery (known for his roles in The Carmichael Show and Get Out) stars in this new sitcom as a guy who are to face difficulties of life because his wife has cheated on him with his barber. After the divorce he is to begin everything from scratch on the south of Chicago as a remote single father.

The Walking Dead (season 9)

After a horrible disease that turned the Earth inhabitants into zombies a small group of still living people fight for survival day by day in the new and hostile world. Under the leadership of a former cop named Rick they are looking for a safe place for living. The zombies are not the scariest thing waiting for them. The main threat is a cruel internal rivalry between the survivors.

The Simpsons (season 30)

Amazing, funny and absolutely unpredictable Simpsons family. One just cannot get confused or not to notice them. They extremely stand out in the crowd. They are not ordinary and know how to get into ridiculous situations. The head of the weird family is Homer Simpson. He works at the nuclear plant. His life is rather simple and banal.

Family Guy (season 17)

This is one of the best animated TV shows mocking the traditional American family. Griffins live in a rural town of Quahog. The dads name is Peter. He is just forty four, but he has managed to go fat. He dos not smoke but likes to have a drink, especially during the watching of adult movies. He has no doubt he is a gifted person. He does not accept his mistakes and makes shark jokes.

Camping (season 1)

Kathryn is a normal wife, mother and perfectionist. As a gift for her husband Walt on his forty-five years anniversary she organized a family trip to the bosom of nature, with kettles, tents and other attributes of such things. Everything goes out of control when the gentle sister of Kathryn, ex best friend and a spiritual guide join their trip.

Bob’s Burgers (season 9)

The plot line of that animated series tells about difficult life of a small businessman named Bob who despite family and financial difficulties wants to succeed in selling culinary products. The man has recently opened a small diner. Now he is a step closer to the cherished dream. The hero realizes it is not enough to sell inexpensive and delicious burgers to promote the business. It is necessary to recruit good staff that will help him.

Madam Secretary (season 5)

This is a story of a state secretary. After several years of being away from the CIA, she has to get back to the political arena again. Here she is good at solving things even when she is forced to play someone else's game.

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