Sydney to the Max (season 1)

This touching and sentimental comedy focuses on an outgoing and goodhearted schoolgirl named Sydney Reynolds and her caring, loving, some times strange, single father Max. The show tells about them dealing with all sorts of troubles. The series is full of flash backs to Max's childhood to show how he dealt with such troubles in his childhood.

Archer (season 10)

In an international spy agency any worldwide crisis is just an excuse for high-class secret agents to compete each other in lying and betrayal.

The Rain (season 2)

Six years ago a deadly virus wiped out almost the whole mankind. Brother and sister hide in a special bunker. But soon circumstances make them leave the asylum and get to the surface.

The Cool Kids (season 1)

At the center of attention of this story are three friends from a retirement center. Their immutable authority frayed when a new aged rebel woman had appeared. She is determined to overthrow the wanton grandpas. This is like a sort of high school for those over seventy or Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia thirty years later.

Proven Innocent (season 1)

In her past the heroine was a mistake of the legal system ans she was convicted for the crime that she with her brother hadn't committed. State's attorney proved the opposite and the judge, going with his gut, passed a sentence that could put into fear any unjustly accused person.

Doom Patrol (season 1)

Chief Niles Caulder is a lot like Dr. Frankenstein. With his unique knowledge he helps those who has lost any hope. But no one knows how he picks up those who he grants life. In his small but motley team, everybody was on the verge of death. One of his wards, during an experiment, got a super ability of changing her size. Other one got a levitation skill.

Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas (season 2)

In his satiric night show Wyatt Cenac goes to travel across the USA to see the problems concerning his compatriots.

Rilakkuma and Kaoru (season 1)

To celebrate the fifteenth anniversary Rilakkuma San-X gets a short anime series.

The Magicians (season 4)

Quentin Coldwater has been fond of sci-fi books and movies since his childhood. Although the guy absolutely doesn't believe in existence of magic creatures, reading and watching amazing adventures causes him a genuine interest. But after leaving school the circumstances make him believe in magic and monsters. He gets into the Brakebills College for Magical Pedagogy.

Bosch (season 5)

This is the fifth season of a good TV series based on the works by Michael Connelly. It follows detective Harry Bosch who works at homicide unit of Los Angeles Police Department. The main character is an outstanding person who managed to handle incredible pressure of numerous detractors who wanted to frame him for maniac killing

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