Call the Midwife (season 8)

At the center of attention of this TV show is real memory of a midwife named Jenny Lee that was the base for the series of bestseller books by Jennifer Worth. In the 1950s Jenny arrived to the poorest London region, settled in Nonnatus House and, together with other nuns, started working on East End's medical problems. During work days of midwives, patients and their families there are not only tragic and dramatic things but comedic ones.

Vera (season 9)

When one seeks to work, tries to rise to heights he can succeed at his business. The main heroine's name is Vera Stanhope. She is not a young woman. But as opposed to her peers she doesn't sit at home. She works in the police station as a criminal inspector.

Star Wars Resistance (season 1)

Each episode of the animated series tells a story about our heroes and their enemies, and all built together in one single story line allowing the audience to not fall out of the moving action. The main characters are Jedi, and they are the Goodies, along with the clones, ready to cross its swords with the Confederation that is forming a powerful system for the whole space Galaxy.

Shameless (season 9)

This American remake of British TV show tells about uncoordinated big Gallaghers family and their neighbors who have fun, get into the most incredible situations and try to survive in this world by any means. But they want to work as little as possible. Mother has long left the family and alcoholic father usually passes out somewhere. This is why the elder daughter has to take the responsibility of a parent and to raise four brothers and a sister.

Milo Murphy’s Law (season 2)

In the world there are many laws under which humans and all the creatures live. No one can ignore or bypass the existence of these rules in any way. This is how everything that is around us works. The Murphys law says: if something bad can happen it will definitely happen. It sounds serious and funny, isnt it? So imagine that on the planet there is a man who confirms the law every day. One can go crazy at such a thing. But the main hero of the animated series do not get used to despair.

Outlander (season 4)

Claire was working as a nurse during World War II. She has accidentally moved back in time and has got in 1743. In this world full of adventures she meets a Scottish knight named Jamie. The heroes have a passionate affair despite the heart of Claire is breaking apart between two men, Jamie and her husband Frank that is left in another time.

Marvel’s Avengers Assemble (season 5)

This animated series unites the most popular team of super heroes. Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow and a rookie named Falcon. This is the first time in the history of animation the team is assembled in such composition. Heading by Iron Man the heroes train and live together in their new headquarters in Avengers Tower. The most dangerous villains of the planet have no chance when it comes to Avengers.

Counterpart (season 2)

Howard Silk is not a young man who devoted his whole life for working at one place. More than thirty years he has been working at an organization. But he had no idea what the organization was engaged in. He desired to be promoted, and he, without losing an opportunity, proposed himself as a candidate for the position of the head of the planning department. But he was denied with no explanation. Another man took the position.

Black Monday (season 1)

There was little to warn of a great stock market crash that happened on October 19, 1987. Economics was ashamed. A lot of people bankrupted and was forced to say good bye to their luxury way of life. The crisis affected not the Wall-Street only but the whole world. Financial market had never crashed so quickly.

SMILF (season 2)

Showtime channel presents a comedy series that is half-based on a young mother's biography from the south Boston. Her name is Bridgette Bird. She is twenty-something years old. Every day, she is torn between her role of a young mother and relationships with men, work and many other things that other young girls of her age like. Her family is not an ordinary one in the traditional sense. She and father of her child are free from each other, and they can date other persons. But all the questions related to the child they have to solve together.

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