The Voice (season 16)

This project is a unique musical show that is very popular in the USA and in the rest of the world. Later the shows like this began to appear in many other countries of the world. The distinctive feature of the project is the way of picking up the participants who will compete each other for the main prize. The thing is, during the hearing, the jury assesses only the vocal skills of the contender, oblivious to his face.

Keeping Faith (season 2)

Faith is a lawyer from a small Welsh town. She has to finish her maternity leave when her husband and business partner go missing. Now Faith has to fight to protect her family.

Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell (season 4)

This is a dashing TV series opening the whole kitchen of the hell to the audience. Memorable characters and a dark sense of humor are in the best traditions of the genre.

Candice Renoir (season 7)

After ten years in Singapore that ended with a divorce, Candice Renoir comes back to her homeland with four children She resumes working as a criminal police major in big port city in the South of France. She perfectly realizes the fact that after such a break she has to try her best to overcome the skepticism of her subordinates and to prove her professional level.

Riverdale (season 3)

Archie has to friends that he has a good time with. This is not about love. There are friendly relationships here. These girls share with the protagonist his passions and hobbies. Archie, Veronica and Betty like to make up new adventures together. There are several not less funny friends around them. Riverdale is not notable for his size but there is always a place for adventures. The town keeps many secrets and mysteries.

The Enemy Within (season 1)

Erica Shepherd is a former CIA employee. She was brilliant at her work. But now she is the most known traitor in the USA history. She is incarcerated in a maximum security prison. Desperate FBI agent Will Keaton reluctantly appeals to Shepherd. He wants her to help him to track an especially dangerous and elusive criminal who she knows very well.

The Red Line (season 1)

The plot will tell about the events that took place after a white cop had accidentally killed a black doctor in Chicago. This is a story of three families related to this tragedy. The story is told through each family's lens.

Gentleman Jack (season 1)

The plot tells about an English noble woman named Anne Lister. She was considered to be the first out dyke. She was an avid traveler and climber. Anne managed a huge mansion on her own. She kept a frank diary and didn't accept female behavior. This is why everybody called her gentleman Jack.

Mum (season 3)

This is an elegant tragic-comedy from BBC. Cathy has just lost her husband and that's hard for her. Selfish relatives constantly bother her. Her son's girlfriend is a true blonde and the son is not far from her. Surely she has to handle everything alone now? It's time to search new meaning of life.

Puppy Dog Pals (season 2)

Puppy brothers Bingo and Rolly live with their beloved master, an inventor named Bob. He makes up new types of entertainment and new toys every day. But when Bob is out of the house the main characters have the real adventures. They travel around the world and learn many interesting things about culture and traditions of various countries. And when they are back home funny games with best their friends, cat Hissy and robotic dog ARF, are waiting for them.