School of Rock (season 3)

The William Travis School is famous for its unconventional approach to teaching students. A lot of talented and incredibly successful students were released from these walls. But the last incident with the teacher forces the school to find a new teacher who will quickly become part of the team and understand the philosophy of schooling. Mr. Finn was honored to be a temporary replacement for the traumatized teacher. The guys soon learned that their new teacher is a real rock star. Who would have thought that this crazy teacher would start the guys instead of classics to teach heavy music, teach those to play musical instruments and just enjoy the melodies. In general, the main characters of this project will be crazy about constant rumbling, from loud music waves and a real drive that bears a rock!

Imposters (season 2)

At the center of the story is a clever, attractive and ambitious girl who clearly knows what she wants out of life. Over the years of her activity she has learned to manipulate people and to make them make impulsive decisions. She is a cheater, she is extraordinarily good at her business, and she is a schemer. The main heroine flirts with others so masterfully that she is able to trick anybody. The girl easily charms not only men but women, doing it skillfully.

Spirit: Riding Free (season 5)

This animated series tells about the adventures of a young girl named Lucky and her loyal stallion named Spirit. A long time ago Lucky was a normal city civilian. But it was love to horses that made her find a better life in a village. At first Spirit looked like a horse who does not want to be owned by anybody. He was wild, rebellious and let nobody to be close to him.

Versailles (season 2)

Louis XIV is a child king ascended on a throne when he was four years old. France is ruled by the council of ministers, and the main decision cannot be made without his mother participation. After the death of Anne of Austria, the power of the nobility is rising day by day. And the young king is in more and more danger. The new royal power is located at Versailles, a small village far from Paris.

Picnic at Hanging Rock (season 1)

We go to the beginning of the twentieth century. At the center of attention of the plot are events that took place on Saint Valentines day. A group of students of high school with their teachers goes on picnic. They chose a great spot. The main heroines end up on the Hanging rock that captures with its nature beauty. People say this place has not changed its appearance for a million years. But there are rumors it contains a mysterious power inside.

Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots (season 4)

In the center of the plot is a rich Cryer family whose position in society is on the verge of collapse, as well as their poor maid Hannah Young, and her evil daughter, who has a dark secret.

Humans (season 3)

We offer to your attention a project that moves you to the parallel world. The Earth is full of wonderful high technology gadgets that are irreplaceable at home. People use home robots that are very similar to humans, but they perform only programmed tasks. Every person dreams about buying such a helper. One family decides to buy one. Who would have thought that life with a smart machine would lead to sad consequences.

Siren (season 1)

The plot will plunge us into the deep of Bristol Bay, a coast town that is known with its legend of mermaids who lived here. When a strange girl has appeared, all these legends turn out to be true. When these predatory creatures come back to fight their right for the ocean a fierce battle of people against the sea begins.

Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots (season 5)

At the center of the show is life of rich and powerful family of the judge Jim Cryer. Every inhabitant of the luxury mansion has his own secrets. The head of the family has been doing double life for a long time. His spouse Katheryn looks like the paragon of virtue, she ready for everything to protect her family. Daughter and son is not so decent too. The only person in the house who lives under the precepts of God is African American housemaid Hanna Young. And her daughter Candace dreams about wealth and think her acquaintance with the Cryer family is a chance to make a life for herself.

Nobodies (season 2)

The main heroes of the show are comedians who devoted their whole life for show development. But, alas, it has not been legendary. By many people, it rather is considered a stupid child performance that even children do not like sometimes. The comedians may be talented, but they are not known in Hollywood. Long time ago the men had useful acquaintances and contacts. But all their friends are successful for a long time during the protagonists are somewhere at the bottom.

Being Mary Jane (season 4)

Professional and successful own talk show host Mary Jane Paul dreams of being a face of the evening news. She tries to combine a career, a responsibility for family care and a searching for a man who could be with her.

American Housewife (season 2)

Katie Otto was always a great mother for her three children, a loving wife for her husband and just confident woman who achieved her goals by any means. She never chases outer beauty, and she always tries to please her loved ones, thinking about herself in the last turn. One day, all the family moves to luxury and rich town named Westport for permanent settlement. All the riches, most confident and most successful residents of Connecticut are in this town. The mother of many children faces taunts from her ripped and sweat neighbors.

Berlin Station (season 2)

The action of the spy drama takes place in the capital of Germany. A young CSI analyst named Daniel Miller goes to the local station. An important information leaked there and a resident was exposed. The more main hero learns the more he realizes he ended up at the center of a spy conspiracy controlled from Washington.

Bones (season 1)

A talented doctor anthropologist Temperance Brennan works for the FBI. She is the best in the identification of human remains. When she finds some marks and leads on the skeletons she solves the cases that were moved to archive with the mark of time-barred. Thanks to her talent, she is always tasked to reveal mysteries of the murders that were committed many years ago. To take her mind off, she writes novels.

Bones (season 2)

A successful anthropologist doctor Temperance Brennan did his job as usual until she is assigned a new partner by her superiors. He is a special agent of the FBI Seely Booth. Doctor Brennan is to investigate unsolved cases together with him. Their task is identification and exploration of bones that belonged to the people who disappeared in the distant past. But long dead people are not the only thing that heroes will face. Corruption and graft await them.

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