Manifest (season 1)

Aircraft disappearance happened more than once in the history of world aviation. In 1945 a whole squadron disappeared. It has never been found. No one of the lost planes has not come back. To this day. This TV show tells about the aircraft that was off the radars and was declared lost come back during five years. The passengers did not notice these five years. Unlike their families that have experienced a hard time. Where has the plane been and why has it comes back? What the purpose of everyone who returned.

The Passage (season 1)

In South America several people with cancer became the victims of the bats attack. Suddenly the bite of these creatures turned out to be a cure for the people and save them from lethal disease. The authorities began the relevant experiments and eventually ended up toe-to-toe with a big crowd of practically immortal vampires having the ability of telepathy. They begin to assimilate the population of Earth increasing their number.

Magnum P.I. (season 1)

This is a remake of old well-known TV show. It tells about a Vietnam vet who served in Navy Intelligence. Come back from the war Thomas Magnum, at the request of his rich friend, settles in his luxurious mansion in Hawaii. Tom gets a great house, a posh car and other little pleasant things that personify cloudless life. In return, he has to provide order and safety for numerous guests visiting the mansion when the host is out.

Bull (season 3)

Jason Bull is a confident lawyer that can win any case. He engages in his own firm promotion. His firm provides consulting services. In his team there are only the best specialists of many science spheres. Bull is sure about his business success because his firm is the only one that can offer its clients things that they cannot find from competitors. His team aims to collect, analyze and use the information about the grand jury, defendant and other people that are present at the hearings.

Traitors (season 1)

After the World War II, Great Britain does its best to take its place in the new world order. Feef Symonds is a brave and ambitious young woman. She comes for state service in 1945 at the exact same time when the Labour party is going to the victory.

The Resident (season 2)

Devon Pravesh is a young idealistic doctor that begins working under the leadership of a rigid, selfish and great doctor named Conrad Hawkins. Conrad will clear up good and bad sides of the modern medical science. He considers one can save lives or lose lives but the expectations from the doctors will never be right. Will the ethos of the young man survive under the pressure of cynicism of experienced college.

Murdoch Mysteries (season 12)

Late nineteenth century. Mysterious murders are committed on the streets of Toronto. Detective William Murdoch solves them using a brand-new science, forensics. He has an assistant, judicial medical officer Julia Ogden. Her young age, good upbringing and hoop skirts do not stop her doing autopsies and expertise.

The Good Doctor (season 2)

In our world we often face prejudicial attitudes and discrimination. It may be racial and gender bias. A young intern surgeon was hard suffering from autism. He faced misunderstanding of the closest persons. One day in his youth, the father of Shaun was so angry that the boy was forced to run away from his house. But his elder brother was always supporting and helping him.

The Neighborhood (season 1)

The main hero of the show Dave is the sweetest guy in the Midwest. He has the appropriate job, he is a mediator. He has great diplomatic skills and is very friendly. But somehow he and his family relocate to the outskirt of Los Angeles. Dave used to maintaining good relationships with neighbors, visiting, receiving the guests, being the first to learn all the news. But in a big city absolutely other manners prevail.

Henry Danger (season 5)

One can only dream about such work as Henry Hart has. He is lucky to be a sidekick of super hero Captain Man. The novice crime fighter earns nine dollars ah hour has access to the most technological devices and helps to save the world every day. It's not so bad for a school boy, isn't it? It's real tough on Henry because he has to hide his new job from his family and friends. In addition, he has to skip algebra.

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