Supergirl (season 4)

This show will tell the story of Kara Zor-El from planet Krypton. After her home planet annihilation, Kara arrives to the Earth where she hides her super human abilities. But when she is twenty-four she decides to use her power for good and to become a hero that she has always dreamed to be.

NCIS (season 16)

Gibbs is the head of a special unit of naval police. This unit officers specialize in searching and catching the criminals that are marines. Their job is not only hard but dangerous. They are dealing with confirmed bandits that used to be soldiers. This fact really complicates everything. The reason is they are taught to kill, and they know how to hide the clues. Sometime it is almost impossible to track them.

The Kids Are Alright (season 1)

The 1970s is one of the most turbulent period of American history. The flourishing of disco, rocknroll and sexual revolution. In that time children did not wear bicycle helmets and were not afraid of hurting their knees in the street. A big Irsih catholic family lives in the working suburb of Los Angeles.

The Rookie (season 1)

John Nolan decides to leave his life in the quiet country town and goes to Los Angeles to realize his cherished dream and become a police officer. John achieves his goal and becomes the oldest rookie in the history of the Los Angeles police. Despite the fact that his new colleagues are twenty years his junior, hero is going to overcome all difficulties and prove that he is the best at his job. This TV show is based on actual events.

Black-ish (season 5)

Andre Johnson is more known as Dre. The man is able to earn money and his family doesn't need anything. But Andre dreams about being a rich and wealthy person. He has managed to enter on the governance board of the biggest corporation. His ideas are heeded, and that just help to increase the capitals. His comfortable house is located in a prestigious district of the city. In the house, his children and beautiful wife live.

The Conners (season 1)

Instead of closed show Roseanne ABC channel began its spin-off named The Conners. The same persons will be involved in the new project except Roseanne.

Mrs Wilson (season 1)

Three-episodes show will tell about the heroine who learned her husband was a spy. The action takes place in London from the 1940s to the 1960s. In the story, Alison meets and marries a man named Alec. But after his death she discovers she was not the only wife of him.

Bull (season 3)

Jason Bull is a confident lawyer that can win any case. He engages in his own firm promotion. His firm provides consulting services. In his team there are only the best specialists of many science spheres. Bull is sure about his business success because his firm is the only one that can offer its clients things that they cannot find from competitors. His team aims to collect, analyze and use the information about the grand jury, defendant and other people that are present at the hearings.

Happy Together (season 1)

They are a family couple in their early thirties living a boring routine life. It is getting harder from year to year for them to get out of the comfort zone. They have almost forgotten what kind of funny and easygoing persons they used to be in youth. Everything changes when they rent their spare room a young pop-star Cooper. Along with the young celebrity, drive energy and lots of troubles get into the life of the main heroes.

The Neighborhood (season 1)

The main hero of the show Dave is the sweetest guy in the Midwest. He has the appropriate job, he is a mediator. He has great diplomatic skills and is very friendly. But somehow he and his family relocate to the outskirt of Los Angeles. Dave used to maintaining good relationships with neighbors, visiting, receiving the guests, being the first to learn all the news. But in a big city absolutely other manners prevail.

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