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At the center of attention is a professor of philosophy of one of the local colleges, a young man named Jack. This man is madly in love with his profession. Despite his young age he managed to become a professor, few people can do so. He sacrificed absolutely everything for his profession.

Country: US
Release date: 2018-02-01
Crew: Seth Meyers, Michael Patrick O'Brien, Lorne Michaels
Runtime: 30 min
Language: EN

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Download links and episode guide:

Episode 1    
S02E01 - Happiness
Will be on 2019-03-08

Episode 2    
S02E02 - Toledo's Top 100
Will be on 2019-03-15

Episode 3    
S02E03 - Nuns
Will be on 2019-03-22

Episode 4    
S02E04 - Toledo Singles
Will be soon

Episode 5    
S02E05 - Wednesday Morning, 8am
Will be soon

Episode 6    
S02E06 - Everest
Will be soon