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We go to the middle of the last century. At the center of the plot is a girl named Sarah. The heroine has been living and working in Europe for a long time. Twenty years have passed since the girl had left her native town for the other continent. Yet for some reason Sarah is missing Australia. She decides to go back there after so many years. But the life in the native town has been completely changed. Old friends have changed, generations have changed, but the atmosphere is still the same.

Country: AU
Release date: 2013-04-28
Runtime: 60 min
Language: EN

Other seasons of this show:

A Place To Call Home (season 1) A Place To Call Home (season 2) A Place To Call Home (season 5)

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Download links and episode guide:

Episode 1       not downloaded
S03E01 - The Things We Do for Love
Will be soon

Episode 2       not downloaded
S03E02 - L'chaim, to Life
Will be soon

Episode 3       not downloaded
S03E03 - Somewhere Beyond the Sea
Will be soon

Episode 4       not downloaded
S03E04 - Too Old to Dream
Will be soon

Episode 5       not downloaded
S03E05 - Living in the Shadow
Will be soon

Episode 6       not downloaded
S03E06 - In the Heat of the Night
Will be soon

Episode 7       not downloaded
S03E07 - Sins of the Father
Will be soon

Episode 8       not downloaded
S03E08 - Till Death Do Us Part
Will be soon

Episode 9       not downloaded
S03E09 - The Mourners' Kadish
Will be soon

Episode 10       not downloaded
S03E10 - The Love Undeniable
Will be soon