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The show tells about the extraordinary and funny adventures of two best friends, a boy named Finn and his dog Jake. The action of the animated series takes place in a magic land Ooo. Finn is a thirteen-years boy who loves to travel and to save princesses from the clutches of terrible monsters and villains inhabiting the land of Ooo. Jake is the best friend of Finn. He is a magic dog that is able to stretch his body to almost any length and size. Jake is twenty-eight years old, and he plays a role of some kind of friend-mentor of Finn and his magic abilities help the boy in his fight against evil.

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Download links and episode guide:

Episode 1    
S10E01 - The Wild Hunt
Will be soon

Episode 2    
S10E02 - Always BMO Closing

Episode 3    
S10E03 - Son of Rap Bear

Episode 4    
S10E04 - Bonnibel Bubblegum

Episode 5    
S10E05 - Seventeen

Episode 6    
S10E06 - Ring of Fire

Episode 7    
S10E07 - Marcy & Hunson

Episode 8    
S10E08 - The First Investigation

Episode 9    
S10E09 - Blenanas

Episode 10    
S10E10 - Jake the Starchild
Will be soon

Episode 11    
S10E11 - Temple of Mars

Episode 12    
S10E12 - Gumbaldia

Episode 13    
S10E13 - Come Along With Me