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The main hero has a wife named Francine. She runs the house. The woman is not so clever, but she is not so stupid as she seems. In Smiths family Steve grows. He is a son of Stan and Francine. The boy is not very successful with girls. Steve has a sister named Hayley. She does her best to protect the nature. From time to time the girl takes drugs. A goldfish lives in the house of the family. Its name is Klaus. It characterized by having a real human brain. One more hero of the show is an alien Rodger. He is a true lover of hard liquor. One can wait anything from such an extraordinary family.

Other seasons of this show:

American Dad! (season 14)

See also:

Good Girls (season 2)
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Life in Pieces (season 4)
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Download links and episode guide:

Episode 1    
S15E01 - Santa, Schmanta

Episode 2    
S15E02 - Paranoid_Frandroid

Episode 3    
S15E03 - The Census of the Lambs

Episode 4    
S15E04 - Shell Game

Episode 5    
S15E05 - The Mural of the Story

Episode 6    
S15E06 - (You Gotta) Strike for Your Right

Episode 7    
S15E07 - Klaustastrophe.tv

Episode 8    
S15E08 - Death by Dinner Party

Episode 9    
S15E09 - The Never-Ending Stories

Episode 10    
S15E10 - Railroaded

Episode 11    
S15E11 - My Purity Ball and Chain

Episode 12    
S15E12 - OreTron Trail

Episode 13    
S15E13 - Mean Francine
Will be soon

Episode 14    
S15E14 - One-Woman Swole
Will be soon

Episode 15    
S15E15 - Flavortown
Will be soon

Episode 16    
S15E16 - Persona Assistant
Will be soon

Episode 17    
S15E17 - The Legend of Old Ulysses
Will be soon

Episode 18    
S15E18 - Twinanigans
Will be soon

Episode 19    
S15E19 - Top of the Steve
Will be soon

Episode 20    
S15E20 - Funnyish Games
Will be on 2019-03-26

Episode 21    
S15E21 - Fleabiscuit
Will be on 2019-04-02

Episode 22    
S15E22 - The Future Is Borax
Will be on 2019-04-09

Episode 23    
S15E23 - Fantasy Baseball
Will be on 2019-04-16

Episode 24    
S15E24 - I Am The Jeans: The Gina Lavetti Story
Will be on 2019-04-23

Episode 25    
S15E25 - Stan & Francine & Connie & Ted
Will be on 2019-04-30