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Black Lightning is an alter ego of a man named Jefferson Pierce who has refused the career of a super hero years ago. But after a string of events connected to the local gangs and his daughter Pierce is determined to come back to the streets and justice.

Country: US
Release date: 2018-01-17
Crew: Mara Brock Akil, Greg Berlanti, Salim Akil
Runtime: 45 min
Language: EN

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Download links and episode guide:

Episode 1       not downloaded
S01E01 - The Resurrection

Episode 2       not downloaded
S01E02 - LaWanda: The Book of Hope

Episode 3       not downloaded
S01E03 - LaWanda: The Book of Burial

Episode 4       not downloaded
S01E04 - Black Jesus

Episode 5       not downloaded
S01E05 - And Then the Devil Brought the Plague: The Book of Green Light

Episode 6       not downloaded
S01E06 - Three Sevens: The Book of Thunder

Episode 7       not downloaded
S01E07 - Equinox: The Book of Fate

Episode 8       not downloaded
S01E08 - The Book of Revelations

Episode 9       not downloaded
S01E09 - The Book of Little Black Lies

Episode 10       not downloaded
S01E10 - Sins of the Father: The Book of Redemption
Will be on 2018-03-28

Episode 11       not downloaded
S01E11 - Black Jesus: The Book of Crucifixion
Will be on 2018-04-04

Episode 12       not downloaded
S01E12 - In the Lion's Den
Will be on 2018-04-11

Episode 13       not downloaded
S01E13 - Shadow of Death
Will be on 2018-04-18