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Our universe is incredible. Few people know exactly what secrets she is hiding. Scientists claim that they know only about ten percent of the matter that make up the boundless cosmos. The remaining nine tenths are yet to be seen. They have already encountered representatives of a ship, plowing space. The people on board just woke up after a long cryogenic sleep. They have to continue a long journey, despite the fact that they do not remember anything about their past and present. Soon, a colony appears on the cosmic horizon, which receives the crew of the ship.

Country: CA
Release date: 2015-06-13
Crew: Jay Firestone, Joseph Mallozzi, Paul Mullie, Vanessa Piazza
Runtime: 43 min
Language: EN

Other seasons of this show:

Dark Matter (season 1)

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Download links and episode guide:

Episode 1       not downloaded
S03E01 - Being Better Is So Much Harder
Will be soon

Episode 2       not downloaded
S03E02 - It Doesnt Have to Be Like This
Will be soon

Episode 3       not downloaded
S03E03 - Welcome to the Revolution
Will be soon

Episode 4       not downloaded
S03E04 - All the Time in the World
Will be soon

Episode 5       not downloaded
S03E05 - Give It Up, Princess
Will be soon

Episode 6       not downloaded
S03E06 - One Last Card to Play
Will be soon

Episode 7       not downloaded
S03E07 - Wish I Could Believe You
Will be soon

Episode 8       not downloaded
S03E08 - Hot Chocolate

Episode 9       not downloaded
S03E09 - Isnt That a Paradox?
Will be soon

Episode 10       not downloaded
S03E10 - Built, Not Born
Will be soon

Episode 11       not downloaded
S03E11 - The Dwarf Star Conspiracy
Will be soon

Episode 12       not downloaded
S03E12 - My Final Gift to You
Will be soon

Episode 13       not downloaded
S03E13 - Nowhere to Go
Will be soon