The authors of the Canadian TV show tell the viewers a cruel but truthful and realistic story of events took place on the territory of North America several centuries ago. This is the time when a huge territory was free of human influence. The nature ruled here and was a home for many animals. But this could not go on for a long time and, as a result, the human appeared in North America. People wanted to get the resources of this rich land. European colonizers moved here, they wanted to find precious metals, natural resources and engage in fur trade. But the absence of the social infrastructure led to the absence of the law and this meant that the business was in difficult circumstances.

Other seasons of this show:

Frontier (season 1) Frontier (season 2) Frontier (season 3)

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Episode 1    
S02E01 - Dead Reckoning

Episode 2    
S02E02 - Wanted

Episode 3    
S02E03 - The Wolf and the Bear

Episode 4    
S02E04 - Mutiny

Episode 5    
S02E05 - Cannonball

Episode 6    
S02E06 - Keetom Takooteeoo Maheekun (The Return of the Wolf)