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In the beginning, this dramatic series characters stories seem to be absolutely different and unconnected. However, it becomes clear that their destinies are intertwined strongly. Slowly, one relationship affects other more and more. As a result, it leads to destructive consequences for all participants of this story.

Country: US
Release date: 2013-10-09
Runtime: 40 min

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Download links and episode guide:

Episode 1       not downloaded
S03E01 - Faulkner and Madeline
Will be soon

Episode 2       not downloaded
S03E02 - Madeline and Houserman
Will be soon

Episode 3       not downloaded
S03E03 - Houserman and D'Andres
Will be soon

Episode 4       not downloaded
S03E04 - D'Andres and Waverly
Will be soon

Episode 5       not downloaded
S03E05 - Waverly and Angela
Will be soon

Episode 6       not downloaded
S03E06 - Angela and Medina
Will be soon

Episode 7       not downloaded
S03E07 - Medina and Hidell
Will be soon

Episode 8       not downloaded
S03E08 - Hidell and Sturgis
Will be soon

Episode 9       not downloaded
S03E09 - Sturgis and Dellahunt
Will be soon

Episode 10       not downloaded
S03E10 - Dellahunt and Faulkner
Will be soon