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Several centuries after the collapse of civilizations the world goes back to the feudal system. A huge territory divided by warring barons into zones of influence gets a name of badlands. Every one of barons sets his rules on his territory. Barons are supported by the armies of their loyal specially trained killers who are called clippers. At the center of attention is Sunny, the most dangerous and deadliest clipper over the badlands. He serves his baron Quinn who has been the most powerful ruler for many years. One day Sunny saves a young boy who was caught by a gang of thugs. They have left him alive. The boy tells Sunny that the Widow, a young baroness who is hunting for Quinns power, has given the order to bring the boy to her, safe and sound.

Country: US
Release date: 2015-11-16
Runtime: 43 min
Language: EN

Other seasons of this show:

Into the Badlands (season 2)

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Download links and episode guide:

Episode 1    
S03E01 - Enter the Phoenix

Episode 2    
S03E02 - Moon Rises, Raven Seeks

Episode 3    
S03E03 - Leopard Snares Rabbit

Episode 4    
S03E04 - Blind Cannibal Assassins

Episode 5    
S03E05 - Carry Tiger to Mountain

Episode 6    
S03E06 - Black Wind Howls

Episode 7    
S03E07 - Dragonfly's Last Dance

Episode 8    
S03E08 - Leopard Catches Cloud

Episode 9    
S03E09 - Chamber of the Scorpion
Will be on 2019-03-25

Episode 10    
S03E10 - Episode 10
Will be soon

Episode 11    
S03E11 - Episode 11
Will be soon

Episode 12    
S03E12 - Episode 12
Will be soon

Episode 13    
S03E13 - Episode 13
Will be soon

Episode 14    
S03E14 - Episode 14
Will be soon

Episode 15    
S03E15 - Episode 15
Will be soon

Episode 16    
S03E16 - Episode 16
Will be soon