The show first aired in March 1964 and lasted nearly 11 years on NBC daytime. The show resurfaced in a modified format in 1978, and then came back in syndication in 1984, where it continues to enjoy long-term success. This simple reverse-quiz formula resulted in one of the most successful game shows in TV history. Answer: Legend has it that game show host and TV personality Merv Griffin created this reverse quiz show after complaining about the poor quality of game shows since the Quiz Show Scandals; his then-wife suggested giving the players the answers and having them come up with the questions. Question: What's the story behind the birth of Jeopardy!?

Country: US
Release date: 1964-03-31
Crew: Brett Schneider, Merv Griffin, Harry Friedman, Bob Sofia, Gary Johnson, Billy Wisse, Rocky Schmidt, Lisa Broffman, Deb Dittmann, Lisa Finneran, George Vosburgh, Robert Rubin
Runtime: 22 min
Language: EN

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Jeopardy! (season 2020)

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Episode 1    
S2020E01 - Karen Farrell, Val Marsden Fitzhugh, Shane Hopkin

Episode 2    
S2020E02 - Karen Farrell, Kevin Hendricks, Brit Husmann

Episode 3    
S2020E03 - Karen Farrell, Mat Gargano, Shayna O'Neill

Episode 4    
S2020E04 - Karen Farrell, Sayeed Akhtar, Kristin Carter

Episode 5    
S2020E05 - Karen Farrell, David Xia, Lisa Warne-Magro

Episode 6    
S2020E06 - Lisa Warne-Magro, Rachel Kline, Shaun Gold

Episode 7    
S2020E07 - Lisa Warne-Magro, Claire Henner, Katie Needle

Episode 8    
S2020E08 - Katie Needle, Alek Van Houghton, Jack McGuire

Episode 9    
S2020E09 - Katie Needle, Daniel Sok, Veronica Vichit-Vadakan

Episode 10    
S2020E10 - Veronica Vichit-Vadakan, Alissa McKinney, Marlan Badgett

Episode 11    
S2020E11 - Veronica Vichit-Vadakan, Laura Thomason, Oishee Shemontee

Episode 12    
S2020E12 - Veronica Vichit-Vadakan, Shanu George, Priscilla Drobes

Episode 13    
S2020E13 - Veronica Vichit-Vadakan, Dennis Coffey, Lindsay Goldstein

Episode 14    
S2020E14 - Dennis Coffey, Matthew Neff, Traci Mack

Episode 15    
S2020E15 - Dennis Coffey, Steve Schiraldi, Samantha Slama

Episode 16    
S2020E16 - Dennis Coffey, John Cuevas, Lau Mehes

Episode 17    
S2020E17 - John Cuevas, Justin Weatherby, Christine DeLorme

Episode 18    
S2020E18 - John Cuevas, Heather Nelson, Ashwin Monian

Episode 19    
S2020E19 - Heather Nelson, Sarah Frontiera, Cheyenne Simmons

Episode 20    
S2020E20 - Sarah Frontiera, Adella Irizarry, Greg Bacon

Episode 21    
S2020E21 - Sarah Frontiera, Joshua Swiger, Ryan Wenstrup-Moore

Episode 22    
S2020E22 - Joshua Swiger, Michelle Paul, David Haughney

Episode 23    
S2020E23 - Michelle Paul, Matthew Leonard, Audrey Koh

Episode 24    
S2020E24 - Michelle Paul, Stephen Jackson, Travis Gaylord

Episode 25    
S2020E25 - Travis Gaylord, Kathryn Flucht, Nipun Tulshian

Episode 26    
S2020E26 - Travis Gaylord, Paige Hermansen, Justin Joseph

Episode 27    
S2020E27 - Travis Gaylord, Patrick Rice, Cherisa Burk

Episode 28    
S2020E28 - Patrick Rice, Gauravi Shah, Brenda Gant

Episode 29    
S2020E29 - Gauravi Shah, Vinny Byju, Natalie Hadjiloukas

Episode 30    
S2020E30 - Vinny Byju, Kristyna Ng, Danyelle Long-Hyland

Episode 31    
S2020E31 - Danyelle Long-Hyland, Josh Gruenberg, Jamie Wylie

Episode 32    
S2020E32 - Josh Gruenberg, Meaghan Kaplan, Brooke MacKenzie
Will be soon

Episode 33    
S2020E33 - Brooke MacKenzie, Terry Heard Jr, Jayne Niemi
Will be soon

Episode 34    
S2020E34 - Terry Heard Jr, Tom Ellison, MacKenzie Jones
Will be soon

Episode 35    
S2020E35 - MacKenzie Jones, Rex Wessel, Caitlin Drinkard
Will be soon

Episode 36    
S2020E36 - MacKenzie Jones, Adam Greenfield, Sam Leon
Will be soon

Episode 37    
S2020E37 - MacKenzie Jones, Judy Mader, Amal Karim
Will be soon

Episode 38    
S2020E38 - MacKenzie Jones, Kimberly Brazier, Jon Fuhrman
Will be soon

Episode 39    
S2020E39 - MacKenzie Jones, Jennifer Aziz, Steve Goodreau
Will be soon

Episode 40    
S2020E40 - MacKenzie Jones, Christopher Cartagena, Sandha Khin
Will be soon

Episode 41    
S2020E41 - MacKenzie Jones, Signe Peterson Fourmy, Greg Kihm
Will be soon

Episode 42    
S2020E42 - MacKenzie Jones, Allison Cuyjet, Aaron Goetsch
Will be soon

Episode 43    
S2020E43 - Aaron Goetsch, Susan Hill, Meredith Moore
Will be soon

Episode 44    
S2020E44 - Aaron Goetsch, Bruce Lou, Mandy DeLucia
Will be soon

Episode 45    
S2020E45 - Bruce Lou, Mike Upchurch, Kim Lutz
Will be soon

Episode 46    
S2020E46 - Mike Upchurch, Paul Trifiletti, Margaret Beaton
Will be soon

Episode 47    
S2020E47 - Paul Trifiletti, Wes Hom, Zahkia Mendoza
Will be soon

Episode 48    
S2020E48 - Paul Trifiletti, Lynn Q. Yu, Mahesh Uttamchandani
Will be soon

Episode 49    
S2020E49 - Paul Trifiletti, Michael Campanelli, Chloe Arnett
Will be soon

Episode 50    
S2020E50 - Paul Trifiletti, Mark Nasielski, Lacey Davies
Will be soon

Episode 51    
S2020E51 - Paul Trifiletti, Jessica Babbitt, Laurie Amster-Burton
Will be soon

Episode 52    
S2020E52 - Jessica Babbitt, Dewi Harjanto, Waseem Daher
Will be soon

Episode 53    
S2020E53 - Jessica Babbitt, Kim Lifeso, Duncan Weals
Will be soon

Episode 54    
S2020E54 - Jessica Babbitt, Sarah Schmitt, Sid Katz
Will be soon

Episode 55    
S2020E55 - Sid Katz, Nicole Economou, Kris Sunderic
Will be soon

Episode 56    
S2020E56 - Kris Sunderic, Emmy Crawford, Andrea Dragan
Will be soon

Episode 57    
S2020E57 - Andrea Dragan, Michonne Omo, Aaron Shepard
Will be soon

Episode 58    
S2020E58 - Michonne Omo, Katy Cummings, Abhijit Khanna
Will be soon

Episode 59    
S2020E59 - Michonne Omo, Kimberly Flynn, Vikram Prasad
Will be soon

Episode 60    
S2020E60 - Kimberly Flynn, Lindsay Evans, Nick Klotz
Will be soon

Episode 61    
S2020E61 - Nick Klotz, Rachel Burns, Adam Smith
Will be soon

Episode 62    
S2020E62 - Adam Smith, Susan Alden, Evan Singer
Will be soon

Episode 63    
S2020E63 - Susan Alden, Matt Steen, Khalilah Walters
Will be soon

Episode 64    
S2020E64 - Khalilah Walters, Kyle Dallman, Monya De
Will be soon

Episode 65    
S2020E65 - Kyle Dallman, J.R. Mannetta, Leanne Gonzalez-Singer
Will be soon

Episode 66    
S2020E66 - Leanne Gonzalez-Singer, Hemant Mehta, Kami Narayan
Will be soon

Episode 67    
S2020E67 - Hemant Mehta, Tiffany Eisenhauer, Felicity Flesher
Will be soon

Episode 68    
S2020E68 - Felicity Flesher, Jeff Jetton, Shanon Delaney
Will be soon

Episode 69    
S2020E69 - S36 College Championship Quarterfinal Game 1
Will be soon

Episode 70    
S2020E70 - S36 College Championship Quarterfinal Game 2
Will be soon

Episode 71    
S2020E71 - S36 College Championship Quarterfinal Game 3
Will be soon

Episode 72    
S2020E72 - S36 College Championship Quarterfinal Game 4
Will be soon

Episode 73    
S2020E73 - S36 College Championship Quarterfinal Game 5
Will be soon

Episode 74    
S2020E74 - S36 College Championship Semifinal Game 1
Will be soon

Episode 75    
S2020E75 - S36 College Championship Semifinal Game 2
Will be soon

Episode 76    
S2020E76 - S36 College Championship Semifinal Game 3
Will be soon

Episode 77    
S2020E77 - S36 College Championship Final Game 1
Will be soon

Episode 78    
S2020E78 - S36 College Championship Final Game 2
Will be soon

Episode 79    
S2020E79 - Felicity Flesher, Ben Sonday, Andrew Cramer
Will be soon

Episode 80    
S2020E80 - Andrew Cramer, Sidra Condron, Gary Patent
Will be soon

Episode 81    
S2020E81 - Gary Patent, Michael Torman, Sharon Lawson
Will be soon

Episode 82    
S2020E82 - Sharon Lawson, Molly Bierman, Tim Latham
Will be soon

Episode 83    
S2020E83 - Tim Latham, Shawn Dugas, Sarah Jett Rayburn
Will be soon

Episode 84    
S2020E84 - Sarah Jett Rayburn, Lauren D'Souza, Matt Ribel
Will be soon

Episode 85    
S2020E85 - Sarah Jett Rayburn, Alison Nelson, Mina Le
Will be soon

Episode 86    
S2020E86 - Sarah Jett Rayburn, Alwin Hui, Anastasia Plakas
Will be soon

Episode 87    
S2020E87 - Sarah Jett Rayburn, Kevin Curran, Jesse Laymon
Will be soon

Episode 88    
S2020E88 - Jesse Laymon, Ashleigh McCord, Quemars Ahmed
Will be soon

Episode 89    
S2020E89 - Jesse Laymon, Ben Scripps, Megan Elliott
Will be soon

Episode 90    
S2020E90 - Ben Scripps, Tiffany Vicars, Jackie Wong
Will be soon

Episode 91    
S2020E91 - Ben Scripps, Nathan Berger, Rachel Keen
Will be soon

Episode 92    
S2020E92 - Nathan Berger, Michelle Kanter Cohen, Shawn Buell
Will be soon

Episode 93    
S2020E93 - Shawn Buell, Morgan Wilbanks, Charles Cato
Will be soon

Episode 94    
S2020E94 - S36 Teachers Tournament Quarterfinal Game 1
Will be soon

Episode 95    
S2020E95 - S36 Teachers Tournament Quarterfinal Game 2
Will be soon

Episode 96    
S2020E96 - S36 Teachers Tournament Quarterfinal Game 3
Will be soon

Episode 97    
S2020E97 - S36 Teachers Tournament Quarterfinal Game 4
Will be soon

Episode 98    
S2020E98 - S36 Teachers Tournament Quarterfinal Game 5
Will be soon

Episode 99    
S2020E99 - S36 Teachers Tournament Semifinal Game 1
Will be soon

Episode 100    
S2020E100 - S36 Teachers Tournament Semifinal Game 2
Will be soon

Episode 101    
S2020E101 - S36 Teachers Tournament Semifinal Game 3
Will be soon

Episode 102    
S2020E102 - S36 Teachers Tournament Final Game 1
Will be soon

Episode 103    
S2020E103 - S36 Teachers Tournament Final Game 2
Will be soon

Episode 104    
S2020E104 - Morgan Wilbanks, Lindsay Madejski, Tonya Schaan
Will be soon

Episode 105    
S2020E105 - Morgan Wilbanks, Shelli Castor, Zach Newkirk
Will be soon

Episode 106    
S2020E106 - Zach Newkirk, Steve DeWitt, Joanna Pratt
Will be soon

Episode 107    
S2020E107 - Zach Newkirk, Iman Shervington, Jennifer Kosmin
Will be soon

Episode 108    
S2020E108 - Zach Newkirk, Kelly Lake, Matt Napolitano
Will be soon

Episode 109    
S2020E109 - Cory Barger, Jeff Rich, Franki Butler (Season 37 begins)
Will be soon

Episode 110    
S2020E110 - Cory Barger, Ted Fruchtman, Betsy Reisz
Will be soon

Episode 111    
S2020E111 - Cory Barger, Kelly Decker, David Ferrara
Will be soon

Episode 112    
S2020E112 - David Ferrara, Joe Velasco, Beth Gunter
Will be soon

Episode 113    
S2020E113 - TBA, Sarah Twilley, Herman Wilkins
Will be soon

Episode 114    
S2020E114 - 2020-09-21
Will be on 2020-09-21

Episode 115    
S2020E115 - 2020-09-22
Will be on 2020-09-22

Episode 116    
S2020E116 - 2020-09-23
Will be on 2020-09-23

Episode 117    
S2020E117 - 2020-09-24
Will be on 2020-09-24

Episode 118    
S2020E118 - 2020-09-25
Will be on 2020-09-25

Episode 119    
S2020E119 - 2020-09-28
Will be on 2020-09-28

Episode 120    
S2020E120 - 2020-09-29
Will be on 2020-09-29

Episode 121    
S2020E121 - 2020-09-30
Will be on 2020-09-30

Episode 122    
S2020E122 - 2020-10-01
Will be on 2020-10-01

Episode 123    
S2020E123 - 2020-10-02
Will be on 2020-10-02