Detective Elliot Stabler returns to the NYPD to battle organized crime after a devastating personal loss. The city and police department have changed dramatically in the decade he's been away, and he must adapt to a criminal justice system in the midst of its own moment of reckoning. Stabler journeys to find absolution and rebuild his life, while leading a new elite task force that is taking apart the city's most powerful criminal syndicates one by one.

Country: US
Release date: 2021-04-02
Crew: Mark Dragin, Terry Miller, Laura Aldridge, Charbel Youssef, Zachary Reiter, Amy Durning, Jonathan Strauss, Philip Huffman, Anastasia Puglisi, David Brownfield, Juliet Lashinsky-Revene, Rick Marin, Paul Cabbad, Marcus Guillory, Peter Jankowski, Ilene Chaiken, Fred Berner, John Adams, Phillip Neel, Arthur W. Forney, Matt Olmstead, Dick Wolf, John Gaskin
Runtime: 42 min
Language: EN

Other seasons of this show:

Law & Order: Organized Crime (season 1) Law & Order: Organized Crime (season 2)

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Burden of Truth (season 1)
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Episode 1    
S02E01 - The Man with No Identity

Episode 2    
S02E02 - New World Order

Episode 3    
S02E03 - The Outlaw Eddie Wagner

Episode 4    
S02E04 - For a Few Leku00eb More

Episode 5    
S02E05 - The Good, The Bad and the Lovely

Episode 6    
S02E06 - Unforgivable

Episode 7    
S02E07 - High Planes Grifter

Episode 8    
S02E08 - Ashes to Ashes

Episode 9    
S02E09 - The Christmas Episode (II)

Episode 10    
S02E10 - Nemesis

Episode 11    
S02E11 - As Nottingham Was To Robin Hood

Episode 12    
S02E12 - As Iago Is To Othello

Episode 13    
S02E13 - Episode 13
Will be on 2022-02-25