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Recently crimes of sexual violence are committed more often. In American judicial system they are considered ones of the most serious crimes. They are being investigated by a special unit. Psychologists are necessarily specialists here. Violence often occurs under children. Also, there are two detectives in the unit. One can hardly call their work easy. One has to have a lot of nerve to communicate with the victims of violence especially if they are children.

Country: US
Release date: 1999-09-20
Runtime: 45 min
Language: EN

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Episode 1    
S20E01 - Man Up
Will be on 2018-09-28

Episode 2    
S20E02 - Man Down
Will be on 2018-09-28

Episode 3    
S20E03 - Zero Tolerance
Will be on 2018-10-05

Episode 4    
S20E04 - Revenge
Will be soon

Episode 5    
S20E05 - Accredo
Will be soon

Episode 6    
S20E06 - Exile
Will be soon

Episode 7    
S20E07 - Caretaker
Will be soon

Episode 8    
S20E08 - Dear Ben
Will be soon

Episode 9    
S20E09 - Cooked
Will be soon