Emma Swan is a twenty-eight-year-old girl who lives an ordinary life. But she still suffers from the fact she gave away her child when she was eighteen. One day the young woman meets a ten-year-boy named Henry who turns out tot be her son. He begins to tell her some amazing things. She is a daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, and there are two worlds, the real one and the fantasy one. A city of Storybrooke is the fictional world the boy tells about, and he has no doubt about its existence. But after a string of events Emma gets to this city.

Other seasons of this show:

Once Upon a Time (season 1) Once Upon a Time (season 2) Once Upon a Time (season 3) Once Upon a Time (season 4) Once Upon a Time (season 5) Once Upon a Time (season 6) Once Upon a Time (season 7)

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Episode 1    
S06E01 - The Savior
Will be soon

Episode 2    
S06E02 - A Bitter Draught

Episode 3    
S06E03 - The Other Shoe

Episode 4    
S06E04 - Strange Case

Episode 5    
S06E05 - Street Rats

Episode 6    
S06E06 - Dark Waters

Episode 7    
S06E07 - Heartless

Episode 8    
S06E08 - I'll Be Your Mirror

Episode 9    
S06E09 - Changelings

Episode 10    
S06E10 - Wish You Were Here

Episode 11    
S06E11 - Tougher Than the Rest

Episode 12    
S06E12 - Murder Most Foul

Episode 13    
S06E13 - Ill-Boding Patterns

Episode 14    
S06E14 - Page 23
Will be soon

Episode 15    
S06E15 - A Wondrous Place
Will be soon

Episode 16    
S06E16 - Mother's Little Helper
Will be soon

Episode 17    
S06E17 - Awake
Will be soon

Episode 18    
S06E18 - Where Bluebirds Fly
Will be soon

Episode 19    
S06E19 - The Black Fairy
Will be soon

Episode 20    
S06E20 - The Song in Your Heart
Will be soon

Episode 21    
S06E21 - The Final Battle (1)
Will be soon

Episode 22    
S06E22 - The Final Battle (2)
Will be soon