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Sometime you just live your life and this happens. Really strange and unexplainable things begin to happen to you. Moreover, nobody being of sound mind can explain some of these supernatural things. It makes you scared because people begin to notice something wrong with you. The main hero of the show is a young man suffering from strange visions.

Country: US
Release date: 2016-06-04
Runtime: 50 min
Language: EN

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Download links and episode guide:

Episode 1       not downloaded
S02E01 - Bad Penny
Will be on 2018-07-21

Episode 2       not downloaded
S02E02 - The Day After That
Will be on 2018-07-28

Episode 3       not downloaded
S02E03 - Not My Job to Judge
Will be on 2018-08-04

Episode 4       not downloaded
S02E04 - The One I'd Be Waiting For
Will be on 2018-08-11

Episode 5       not downloaded
S02E05 - The Common Good
Will be on 2018-08-18

Episode 6       not downloaded
S02E06 - Fireflies
Will be on 2018-08-25

Episode 7       not downloaded
S02E07 - Alone When It Comes
Will be on 2018-09-01

Episode 8       not downloaded
S02E08 - Mercy
Will be on 2018-09-08

Episode 9       not downloaded
S02E09 - This Is How It Starts
Will be on 2018-09-15

Episode 10       not downloaded
S02E10 - To the Sea
Will be on 2018-09-22