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This is an American animated series by Patrick McHale for Cartoon Network. Ironically, short film Adventure Time Produced an impetus for making the series. As a result, a ten-episodes fantasy animated series was released. At the center of attention are two brothers, Greg, the younger one, and Wirt, the elder one. They are to go through mysterious and scary woods. This is the only way they can get home.

See also

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Download links and episode guide:

Episode 1 - 2       not downloaded
S01E01E2 - The Old Grist Mill & Hard Times at the Huskin' Bee

Episode 3 - 4       not downloaded
S01E03E4 - Schooltown Follies & Songs of the Dark Lantern

Episode 5 - 6       not downloaded
S01E05E6 - Mad Love & Lullaby in Frogland

Episode 7 - 8       not downloaded
S01E07E8 - The Ringing of the Bell & Babes in the Wood

Episode 9 - 10       not downloaded
S01E09E10 - Into the Unknown & The Unknown