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Ryder is recently ten years old. The boy is very clever and savvy beyond his years. Furthermore, he is rather well thought of in electronics and can fix any device. One day he and his six puppies make a team that they call Paw Patrol. They do not know what fear is, and they are always ready to come to the rescue of people who need their help. Every day, they face various situations. Some of them are very hard to find a way out of. But the brave team of lifeguards is not afraid of it.

Country: US
Release date: 2013-08-12
Runtime: 12 min
Language: EN

Other seasons of this show:

Paw Patrol (season 3) Paw Patrol (season 4)

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Download links and episode guide:

Episode 1       not downloaded
S05E01 - Pups Save the Kitty Rescue Crew
Will be soon

Episode 2       not downloaded
S05E02 - Pups Save an Ostrich
Will be soon

Episode 3       not downloaded
S05E03 - Pups Save Big Paw
Will be soon

Episode 4       not downloaded
S05E04 - Pups Save the Hum-Mover
Will be soon

Episode 5       not downloaded
S05E05 - Sea Patrol: Pups Save the Sunken Sloop
Will be soon

Episode 6       not downloaded
S05E06 - Sea Patrol: Pups Save a Wiggly Whale
Will be soon

Episode 7       not downloaded
S05E07 - Pups save a High Flying Skye
Will be soon

Episode 8       not downloaded
S05E08 - Pups Go for the Gold
Will be soon

Episode 9       not downloaded
S05E09 - Pups Save an Extreme Lunch
Will be on 2018-03-30

Episode 10       not downloaded
S05E10 - Pups Save a Cat Burglar
Will be on 2018-03-30

Episode 11       not downloaded
S05E11 - Pups save the movie Monster
Will be soon

Episode 14       not downloaded
S05E14 - Pups go for gold
Will be soon

Episode 15       not downloaded
S05E15 - Pups save a High Flying Skye
Will be soon

Episode 16       not downloaded
S05E16 - Pups Save a Cat Burglar
Will be soon

Episode 17       not downloaded
S05E17 - Pups Save an Extreme Lunch
Will be soon

Episode 18       not downloaded
S05E18 - Pups save a Bookmobile
Will be soon

Episode 19       not downloaded
S05E19 - Pups Save a Heady Humdinger
Will be soon

Episode 20       not downloaded
S05E20 - Pups Save their Pirated Sea Patroller
Will be soon

Episode 21       not downloaded
S05E21 - Pups save the Snowshoeing Goodways
Will be soon