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Red dwarf is the name of the space ship where the action takes place. Radiation accidentally turned to be a lethal weapon. Every living thing has died because of that. One character has survived, a junior technical specialist Dave Lister. He was in a time retarder at the moment of the accident. In addition, his cat managed to survive in the cargo bay, she is pregnant. Onboard computer Holly has kept Lister in the retarder until the radiation situation is good. It has taken about three million years. So, Lister ends up almost the last representative of the human race. There are other forms of life onboard. Holly, dying of boredom, resurrects his bunkmate and an immediate superior Arnold Rimmer. Also, there is a being, that Listers cat born, named Cat on the space ship.

Country: GB
Release date: 1988-02-15
Runtime: 30 min
Language: EN

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Download links and episode guide:

Episode 1       not downloaded
S12E01 - Cured

Episode 2       not downloaded
S12E02 - Siliconia

Episode 3       not downloaded
S12E03 - Timewave

Episode 4       not downloaded
S12E04 - Mechocracy

Episode 5       not downloaded
S12E05 - M-Corp

Episode 6       not downloaded
S12E06 - Skipper