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Joel and Sheila are spouses and colleagues working at the estate agency. Their calm and boring life in Santa Clarita, a suburb of Los Angeles, drastically changes when Sheila is going through a dramatic and amazing metamorphosis, namely, she has died and come back to life.

Country: US
Release date: 2017-02-03
Crew: Nancy Juvonen, Timothy Olyphant, Aaron Kaplan, Drew Barrymore, Victor Fresco, Ember Truesdell, Chris Miller, Clay Graham, James Simons, Tracy Katsky, Michael A. Ross, Chadd Gindin, Ben Smith
Runtime: 30 min
Language: EN

Other seasons of this show:

Santa Clarita Diet (season 2)

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Episode 1    
Will be on 2019-03-29

Episode 2    
S03E02 - Episode 2
Will be soon

Episode 3    
S03E03 - Episode 3
Will be soon

Episode 4    
S03E04 - Episode 4
Will be soon

Episode 5    
S03E05 - Episode 5
Will be soon

Episode 6    
S03E06 - Episode 6
Will be soon

Episode 7    
S03E07 - Episode 7
Will be soon

Episode 8    
S03E08 - Episode 8
Will be soon

Episode 9    
S03E09 - Episode 9
Will be soon

Episode 10    
S03E10 - Episode 10
Will be soon