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The action of the exciting crime series takes place on Shetland in North-East Scotland. This place is a real Paradise for archaeologists. During excavations that have been carried out on one of the islands they find human remains. Nobody can identify reliably the remains. To refute or confirm the version of recent murder the remains are sent for the special examination. At this time old mistress of the domains where the excavations carried out is killed. To investigate that case an experienced detective named Jimmy Perez arrives at the island. He was born in Shetland but had left the homeland many years ago. He would not have a thought what a complicated one this case would be. Its roots go way back into the time of World War II.

Country: GB
Release date: 2013-03-10
Runtime: 60 min
Language: EN

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Episode 1    
S04E01 - Episode 1

Episode 2    
S04E02 - Episode 2

Episode 3    
S04E03 - Episode 3

Episode 4    
S04E04 - Episode 4

Episode 5    
S04E05 - Episode 5

Episode 6    
S04E06 - Episode 6