This reality television game show pits 11 teams against each other in a worldwide, 30 to 40-day journey through diverse cities and countries spanning the globe. The first team to reach the final destination will be rewarded with $1 million.

Country: US
Release date: 2001-09-06
Crew: Jerry Bruckheimer, Brady Connell, Bill Pruitt, Darren Bunkley, Rebekah Fry, Allison Chase, Bertram van Munster, Elise Doganieri, Hayma 'Screech' Washington, Matt Schmidt, Jarratt Carson, Amy Nabseth Chacon, Giselle Parets, Phil Keoghan, Mark Vertullo, Chad Baron, Michael Norton, Neil Jahss, Patrick Cariaga, Michael A. Miller, Dan Coffie, Bob Parr, Evan Weinstein, Barry Hennessey, John Moffet, Alex Rader, David Brown, Jennifer Basa, Robert C. Mora, Michael Noval, Cynthia A. Palormo, Cris Graves, Jarrod Harlow, Julian Grimmond, Anthony Dominici, Jon Kroll, Rick Ringbakk, Vanessa Abugho Ballesteros, Al Edgington, Glenn Stickley, Scott Owens, Nancy Gunn, Tammara Wells, Ben Samek, Scott Einziger, Jonathan Littman, Curtis Colden
Runtime: 42 min
Language: EN

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Episode 1    
S32E01 - One Million Miles

Episode 2    
S32E02 - Red Lipstick is Not My Color

Episode 3    
S32E03 - We're Makin' Big Moves
Will be on 2020-10-29

Episode 4    
S32E04 - Olu00e9, Olu00e9!
Will be on 2020-11-05

Episode 5    
S32E05 - You Don't Strike Me as a Renaissance Man
Will be on 2020-11-05

Episode 6    
S32E06 - I'm Not Even Walking, I'm Falling
Will be on 2020-11-12

Episode 7    
S32E07 - Leg 7
Will be on 2020-11-19