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The main heroine of this TV series is a girl named Cassie Bishop. She was born having an amazing and frightening skill. She can see dead people and even talk to them. Time and again they address her to solve their troubles and communicate their relatives with her help.

Other seasons of this show:

The InBetween (season 1)

See also:

Homeland (season 6)
True Blood (season 7)
Living the Dream (season 2)
The 100 (season 6)

Download links and episode guide:

Episode 1    
S01E01 - Pilot
Will be on 2019-05-30

Episode 2    
S01E02 - Made Of Stone
Will be soon

Episode 3    
S01E03 - The Serpent
Will be soon

Episode 4    
S01E04 - All That Hard, Glossy Armor
Will be soon

Episode 5    
S01E05 - The 4-1-1
Will be soon

Episode 6    
S01E06 - The Secret Sea
Will be soon