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Do you know about the tunnel that connects France and Great Britain? This TV show will tell you more about it. Dispatchers decide to turn on the lights in the tunnel and at the moment everybody sees the body of dead woman. The body lies on the line that divides two countries. Detectives from France and Great Britain initiated an investigation. Karl Rowbuck is a detective from British police. He has been working at the police for a long time and is very experienced. Elise Wassermann is a French detective who investigates this case.

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Download links and episode guide:

Episode 1    
S03E01 - Vengeance: Episode 1

Episode 2    
S03E02 - Vengeance: Episode 2

Episode 3    
S03E03 - Vengeance: Episode 3

Episode 4    
S03E04 - Vengeance: Episode 4

Episode 5    
S03E05 - Vengeance: Episode 5

Episode 6    
S03E06 - Vengeance: Episode 6