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Daniel Tosh is one of the brightest, recognized and highly-paid American comedians. As many others he began with his own sketch writing and being a stand-up comic. In 2007, he had got his own show on Comedy Central Daniel Tosh: Completely Serious. He was successful with it and transformed it into Tosh.0. The show format is simple and popular. Reviews for videos from the web shoot on phones, security camera and others. The main heroes are all sorts of freaks, just losers who are always epic fail. Tosh compares his work to Groundhog Day. He does the same things every day and tries to do them better and better.

Country: US
Release date: 2009-06-05
Runtime: 21 min
Language: EN

Other seasons of this show:

Tosh.0 (season 9)

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Download links and episode guide:

Episode 1       not downloaded
S10E01 - Lili Hayes

Episode 2       not downloaded
S10E02 - Bear Attack

Episode 3       not downloaded
S10E03 - WinDgoe

Episode 4       not downloaded
S10E04 - Ticket Girl

Episode 5       not downloaded
S10E05 - Episode 5
Will be on 2018-04-25

Episode 6       not downloaded
S10E06 - Episode 6
Will be on 2018-05-02

Episode 7       not downloaded
S10E07 - Episode 7
Will be on 2018-05-09

Episode 8       not downloaded
S10E08 - Episode 8
Will be on 2018-05-16

Episode 9       not downloaded
S10E09 - Episode 9
Will be on 2018-05-23

Episode 10       not downloaded
S10E10 - Episode 10
Will be on 2018-05-30