The action place is a suburb of New Orleans. Japanese scientists have reached new highs and now people know such a term as an artificial blood. It is practically the same as it flows in the veins of any citizen of the country. Now, the vampires have no reason to hide, and they decide to declare their rights for existence. Many bars opened where such creatures can drink the artificial blood. The main heroine, Sookie, works at one of these bars. She is an ordinary girl at the firs sight. But she has a gift to read the thought of the vampires.

Other seasons of this show:

True Blood (season 1) True Blood (season 2) True Blood (season 3) True Blood (season 4) True Blood (season 5) True Blood (season 6) True Blood (season 7)

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Episode 1    
S07E01 - Jesus Gonna Be Here

Episode 2    
S07E02 - I Found You

Episode 3    
S07E03 - Fire in the Hole

Episode 4    
S07E04 - Death is Not the End

Episode 5    
S07E05 - Lost Cause

Episode 6    
S07E06 - Karma

Episode 7    
S07E07 - May Be the Last Time

Episode 8    
S07E08 - Almost Home

Episode 9    
S07E09 - Love Is to Die

Episode 10    
S07E10 - Thank You