The life of a peaceful and well-being town was interrupted with a terrible event. The body of a young girl was taken out of the lake. It was a violent death. Who wanted to get rid of the high school girl? Agent Dale Cooper was tasked to search the answers to the questions. He threw himself into the investigation of the terrible murder and learned that movement of life is not so peaceful in this small town. The residents do not want to help the detective work. Everyone is hiding something. More than twenty years have passed since then. Many people have forgotten the mysterious things that had happened in Twin Peaks. But the past is coming out. The FBI agents found a box full of documents about Twin Peaks and that tragic events.

Other seasons of this show:

Twin Peaks (season 3)

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Episode 1    
S03E01 - Part 1: My Log Has a Message for You

Episode 2    
S03E02 - Part 2: The Stars Turn and a Time Presents Itself

Episode 3    
S03E03 - Part 3: Call for Help

Episode 4    
S03E04 - Part 4: ...Brings Back Some Memories

Episode 5    
S03E05 - Part 5: Case Files

Episode 6    
S03E06 - Part 6: Don't Die
Will be soon

Episode 7    
S03E07 - Part 7: There's a Body All Right

Episode 8    
S03E08 - Part 8: Gotta Light?

Episode 9    
S03E09 - Part 9: This Is the Chair

Episode 10    
S03E10 - Part 10: Laura Is the One

Episode 11    
S03E11 - Part 11: There's Fire Where You Are Going

Episode 12    
S03E12 - Part 12: Let's Rock

Episode 13    
S03E13 - Part 13: What Story Is That, Charlie?

Episode 14    
S03E14 - Part 14: We Are Like the Dreamer

Episode 15    
S03E15 - Part 15: There's Some Fear in Letting Go

Episode 16    
S03E16 - Part 16: No Knock, No Doorbell

Episode 17    
S03E17 - Part 17: The Past Dictates the Future

Episode 18    
S03E18 - Part 18: What Is Your Name?