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At the center of the show is life of rich and powerful family of the judge Jim Cryer. Every inhabitant of the luxury mansion has his own secrets. The head of the family has been doing double life for a long time. His spouse Katheryn looks like the paragon of virtue, she ready for everything to protect her family. Daughter and son is not so decent too. The only person in the house who lives under the precepts of God is African American housemaid Hanna Young. And her daughter Candace dreams about wealth and think her acquaintance with the Cryer family is a chance to make a life for herself.

Other seasons of this show:

Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots (season 4)

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Download links and episode guide:

Episode 1       not downloaded
S05E01 - Afraid of Flames

Episode 2       not downloaded
S05E02 - Searching For A Mother's Love

Episode 3       not downloaded
S05E03 - Undercover Vice

Episode 4       not downloaded
S05E04 - The Lion

Episode 5       not downloaded
S05E05 - Errand Boy

Episode 6       not downloaded
S05E06 - Hanna's Tea

Episode 7       not downloaded
S05E07 - Every Six Months

Episode 8       not downloaded
S05E08 - Wicked

Episode 9       not downloaded
S05E09 - An Eye For An Eye

Episode 10       not downloaded
S05E10 - A Lover's Passions

Episode 11       not downloaded
S05E11 - Veronica's House
Will be soon

Episode 12       not downloaded
S05E12 - In His Eyes
Will be soon

Episode 13       not downloaded
S05E13 - The Right Cocktail
Will be soon

Episode 14       not downloaded
S05E14 - The Rabbit and The Water Moccasin
Will be soon

Episode 15       not downloaded
S05E15 - The Third Quarter
Will be soon

Episode 16       not downloaded
S05E16 - No Honor In This Game
Will be soon

Episode 17       not downloaded
S05E17 - The Broken Washer
Will be soon

Episode 18       not downloaded
S05E18 - Sugar Mamma
Will be soon

Episode 19       not downloaded
S05E19 - Team of Rivals
Will be soon

Episode 20       not downloaded
S05E20 - Smitten
Will be soon

Episode 21       not downloaded
S05E21 - Moles
Will be soon

Episode 22       not downloaded
S05E22 - Til Death Do Us Part
Will be soon