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This is a remake of the same name American animated series of 1984 that tells about amazing adventure of a group of young pilots protecting the Universe from evil space invaders. Our heroes are to meet beautiful princess Allura and her assistant Coran the only ones of once-thriving race of planet Arus. And the will have to find all the lion-mechas transforming into Voltron, a giant robot.

Other seasons of this show:

Voltron: Legendary Defender (season 1) Voltron: Legendary Defender (season 2) Voltron: Legendary Defender (season 3) Voltron: Legendary Defender (season 4) Voltron: Legendary Defender (season 5) Voltron: Legendary Defender (season 7)

See also

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Download links and episode guide:

Episode 1       not downloaded
S06E01 - Omega Shield

Episode 2       not downloaded
S06E02 - Razor's Edge

Episode 3       not downloaded
S06E03 - Monsters & Mana

Episode 4       not downloaded
S06E04 - The Colony

Episode 5       not downloaded
S06E05 - The Black Paladins

Episode 6       not downloaded
S06E06 - All Good Things

Episode 7       not downloaded
S06E07 - Defender of All Universes