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  1. None of the episodes of Family Guy Season 18 are working, please fix. Thank you!

  2. American Dad Season 14 – only the first episode works. Can you please fix so I may download the rest of the episodes?

  3. Emmanuella Daniels Ahiakwo

    June 30, 2021 at 10:00 pm

    sorry please I need to download Mrs Fletcher but I keep meeting a dead end. Can it please be worked on as soon as possible please

  4. The Amazing World of Gumball (season 3) following episodes not found: E05E06, E15E16, E19E20, E29E30. Can you fix, please? Thank you.

  5. Please fix Siren season 1 episode 10 link si broken,thanks

  6. Hello,

    Nice new place you got here.

    Will be great if you could kindly provide the links for The Loud House Season-3 for Episode 42 to 49.


  7. Hi everytime I try to download it tells me that XUBSTER.COM is not working, can you help me.

  8. Arrested Development Season 5: Episodes 4-8 have dead links. Please fix. Thanks.

  9. Hi I would like Hannibal season 1 – season 3

  10. How can I download Bones in English? I’ve selected “US” but still not in English

  11. Hello, are you able to get Season 3 of Just Add Magic?

  12. Do you have the canadian mini-series Whiskey Echo?

  13. Episodes 9 and 10 of Versailles are now up, but again only in French, same as episodes 7 and 8. Any chance of the English versions of these 4 episodes please?

  14. Do you have English versions of Versaille, series 3, episodes 7 and 8. I’ve downloaded from xubster but they are dubbed French soundtrack only and very low quality.

  15. Hi. Are you going to change the links on the old TellyBits site to Xubster? I’ve been working on Smallville and I’ve got 2 seasons to go.

  16. Also,
    Do you have English language of Versailles season 3, episodes 7 and 8.

  17. Has DepFile gone? No connection currently?

  18. Hello, can you add all of the seasons for Start Trek Enterprise?

  19. Do you have English Language versions of Versailles season 3, episodes 01 and 02. Those posted are in French without an English soundtrack?

  20. Hi,
    Season 4 episode 16 of the flash, the video is corrupted.
    Please upload a new file, thanks

  21. Hi,
    Gotham Season 4 episode 17 is wrong.
    What you have is episode 16.
    Please upload correct episode?
    You have just uploaded episode 16 again.
    Please find the correct episode 17 and upload it

  22. Hi,
    Gotham Season 4 episode 17 is wrong.
    It is actually episode 16.
    Please upload correct episode?

  23. Hi,
    When will the Trolls The beat goes on Episode 7 to 12 be uploaded please?

  24. Hi,
    Episode 15 of season 6 of Arrow is a corrupt file .
    Episode 11 of season 4 of the flash has distorted audio.
    Could you please upload new files of these episodes?
    Thank you

  25. Hi,
    DCs legends of tomorrow S03 E10.
    I have attempted to download this episode several times all resulting in it failing when it reaches around 90% of download.
    I do not have any problems with any other download.
    Could you please fix this?

  26. can you get all season’s of I Dream of Jeannie?

  27. Can you find Chicago PD season 3 please. Thanks up front

  28. Can you get The Day of the Doctor from November 2013?

  29. Is it possible to get all seasons of Six Feet Under?

  30. Hello!
    Ive downloaded Blaze and Monster Machine for my daughter,

    Only 4th episode WAITED for like 4 hours to download – twice, but everytime when it came to 99% just stopped for like 1 hour. Can you help me?

  31. Please Upload Just Add Magic Season 2 all 26 episodes or at least the latest 13 episodes from January 19

  32. can you get all of the season for “Lost”

  33. What is the password for please?

  34. Can you get Season 1 of dark matter?

  35. Hi,
    Legends of Tomorrow S03 E07 is corrupt, no video.
    Please upload better file?

  36. Mars Season 1 has 7 episodes. Looks like one didn’t make it to the tellybits site. Can you upload the 7th episode of Mars on here?

  37. Looks like Stargate SG1 season 6 and 7 are missing the last episode.

  38. do you have a time frame on when stargate SG1 season 3 will be uploaded?

  39. Do you have a movie download app.

  40. Will you upload the new season of SNL?

  41. i’m having difficulty to connect your website. everytime i try to connect with credit card it decline my credit card.

  42. wtha is the password to extract

  43. Salvation s01e13 is a malware executable file. Please provide an mkv or mp4 for download

  44. i have a ton of anime i would like to share and upload

  45. Hello,
    Nice new place you got here.
    Will “the sinner” be something you will be able to share?


  46. Robert Bradford

    August 29, 2017 at 7:14 am

    I will be canceling my subscription as soon as my latest runs out. I will not use the Xvid codec as it carries too much malware

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