Shorter that usually and the second to last, the seventh season brings epic fantasy saga closer to the finale. The main characters are fully armed: Daenerys along with her dragons and her huge horde, crazy queen Cersei, Night King with white walkers and new king of North Jon Snow. Westoros is on the brink of Great war. The seventh season makes incomplete books by George Martin into a television series.

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Episode 1    
S07E01 - Dragonstone

Episode 2    
S07E02 - Stormborn

Episode 3    
S07E03 - The Queen's Justice

Episode 4    
S07E04 - The Spoils of War

Episode 5    
S07E05 - Eastwatch

Episode 6    
S07E06 - Beyond the Wall

Episode 7    
S07E07 - The Dragon and the Wolf