Nina Proudman has been working as a midwife for a long time. With a career, alas, did not ask, and personal life goes awry. The ex-husband does not want to leave the hero alone, annoyingly expressing his feelings. In the problems of the main character, the brother and sister, who every day try to somehow help and prompt Nina, are penetrating. Although the girl herself every day has to witness family dramas of other people. The birth of a child is a whole rite for many families. Mothers who are worried about their children, fathers, who are amazed that children are not like them and so on. Nina takes delivery, but the main help she provides to her patients is psychological and moral support. Personal life can be adjusted, after all in branch there is a new doctor, beautiful and young.

Country: AU
Release date: 2010-08-22
Runtime: 60 min
Language: EN

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Episode 1    
S07E01 - Happy Geraldine Day
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Episode 2    
S07E02 - The End of an Era

Episode 3    
S07E03 - Episode 3

Episode 4    
S07E04 - Episode 4

Episode 5    
S07E05 - Episode 5

Episode 6    
S07E06 - Episode 6

Episode 7    
S07E07 - Episode 7

Episode 8    
S07E08 - Episode 8

Episode 9    
S07E09 - Episode 9
Will be soon

Episode 10    
S07E10 - Episode 10