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Hello, TVSERIESBOY.com user!

There are tons of TV shows on the site. But it is not the limit 🙂 Just write in the comment here what you want us to add and we will add it!


  1. “Star Trek: The Next Generation” — please — thank you!

  2. Do you have access to Disney+ ?
    Will Smith’s “Welcome to Earth” (2021– ) on Disney+, starting Dec 8, 2021.

  3. From Disney+.
    “The World According to Jeff Goldblum” (2 seasons).

  4. Can you add more seasons of American Dad?

  5. Tvboy I could use your help, I downloaded The Chestnut Man and the English words but how do I get the English words onto each of the 6 episodes, thank you.

  6. hello
    please is it possible to upload again Season one of Motherland: Fort Salem and Season Two of Project Blue Book? they have been removed from Xubster. many thanks

  7. Hi. Can you please add Bigger Season 2? Thanks.

  8. Hi there
    Thrilled to see Series 2 of My Life is Murder, but is there any chance we could get 480p files? I have an old DVD player, and sometimes it doesn’t like the larger pictures.
    Thanks in advance.

    Please put Bureau of Magical Things Seasons 1 and 2 on here it is a Australian show so you can’t see it anywhere else it stinks. Please

  10. Hi Tvboy, can you please add “The Hateful Eight” on Netflix USA.
    Thanks in advance

  11. “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” — please — thank you!

  12. “Inspector Lewis” (2006-2015)
    AKA “Lewis” in the U.K.
    IMDb link= https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0874608/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_7

  13. Hi do you have London Bridge starring Simone lahbib and do you have Venice the series please 🙂

  14. “Halifax f.p.” (1994–2001).
    Broadcasted on Nine Network Australia.

  15. 2020 Emmy winner for “Outstanding Nature Documentary.”
    “The Serengeti Rules”
    PBS “Nature” S38 Ep2 | Premiere date: Oct 9, 2019 | 00:53:14

  16. Can you get the rest of the episodes for Tyler Perry’s Bruh? Thnks

  17. Could you post The Golden Girls Seasons 6 and 7

  18. Hi could you possibly add Fresh eggs featuring Danielle Cormack
    and possible rush australia version featuring Nicole da silva

  19. Could you please add CSI Miami Seasons 1-10, thank you.

  20. Hi Tvboy could you add Castle Season 1-8, thank you.

  21. For “Berlin Station” season 3, only first and last episodes are available. All other episodes are missing.

  22. TV show “Leverage” — especially S3 E11 “The Rashomon Job”

  23. Can you please add all seasons from Rizzoli & Isles? Pretty please. Thank you.

  24. Tvboy could you upload Rizzoli & Isles Season 1-7, thank you.

  25. Tvboy could you upload PURE Season 1, thank you.

  26. Tvboy could you upload COMBAT Season 1-5, aired from 1962-1967, thank you.

  27. Tvboy could you please add The Closer Seasons 1-7, which ran on TNT from 2005-2012, thank you.

  28. Tvboy could you add Major Crimes Seasons 1-4, thank you.

  29. Hi Tvboy could you add Blue Bloods Seasons 1-7, thank you.

  30. Hi Tvboy could you add New Blood Season 1, thank you.

  31. Could you add Death In Paradise Season 1-4 and season 6, thank you.

  32. Hi Tvboy could you add Occupied Season 1, thank you.

  33. Hi Tvboy could you add Walking The Dead Series 1-9 thank you.

  34. Hi could you add House Season 5-8, thank you.

  35. Could you please add Chicago P.D. Season 4.

  36. Hi Tvboy could you add Vera Seasons 1-7, thank you.

  37. Hi could you add Berlin Station Season 1 thank you.

  38. Hi Tvboy could you add Ray Donovan seasons 1-4, thank you.

  39. Tvboy could you please add Life Of Crime Season 1, thank you.

  40. Could you add Shetland Season 1,2,3, thank you.

  41. Hi could you please add Chicago Fire Season 1-4.

  42. Could you add Chicago P.D. Season 1 and 2.

  43. Hi could you add Vikings season 1,2,3 thank you.

  44. Is there any way to get current Jeopardy’s?

  45. Please add Chopped current season and future ones of course! I only say that because the whole show is a HUGE amount of episodes and I’m mostly interested in the new ones.

  46. Could you add Season 8 of Brain Games on Nat Geo please? Thanks!

  47. Hi Tvboy, could you please add Unforgotten Season 1 and 2, thank you.

  48. Hi Tvboy could you add Ransom Season 1, thank you.

  49. Hi Tvboy could you add Criminal Minds Beyond Borders Season 1 , thankyou.

  50. Any chance of publishing Hill Street Blues, I loved that TV series. Thanks John

  51. Been looking everywhere for —The Wayward Pines—. There is two (2) seasons. I think it originally aired on Amazon. Prefer a 1080p version. Any chance links can be shared via Rapidgator…or maybe fast free links such as Mega, Gdrive, Zippy, etc…

    THX in advance.

  52. I love your site! Do you think it’s possible to post the shows Abby Hatcher from Nick Jr and Hey Duggee from CBeebies? My kid is a fan of these shows.

  53. i want to request fringe tv series season 1 – season 5

  54. Will you be able to post episodes 10 and 11 of The Heights, from Australia

  55. Please add El Mundo de Mateo from Argentina

  56. Hey, tvboy!

    Do you do anime? If you do, can you get the dubbed version of Overlord (1080p) seasons 1 throuh 3 please?


  57. Is it possible to upload Pocoyo?

  58. Hi! Possible to get the remaining eps of the Paw Patrol season 5 and the new eps from the season 6? Thank you!

  59. Can you get Ben 10 episodes please (Original, Alien Force, Ultimate Alien, Omniverse)?


  60. Could you please add Jack Irish Season 3, if you have it

    Thank you

  61. Can you please upload Just Add Magic Season 3,
    you have season 3 uploaded but its Season 2 Part 2
    Season 3 Released on February ,01 ,2019

  62. I would like Season 3 of Black Mirror please!

  63. Downloaded house season 4, looks like seasons 1-3 are place holder (Left over from D-file days?)

    Can you fill in house? Thanks

  64. Just found my Tellybits Killjoys seasons 1,2. So no worries there

  65. Hello-

    Thanks for all you do.

    Any chance of earlier seasons of Kiljloys or Criminal Minds?

    Longtime member, back to days before TV S B


  66. Can you get Extreme Hair Wars Season 1 ans 2 full for both on channel 5 on the british tv also known as My5?

  67. Can I second the request by another user for Paw Patrol Season 6… thanks. You guys are awesome!

  68. Hi can you add Octonauts? Thanks!

  69. Disjointed Season 1 Episode 11 (4/20 Fantasy) Please. Unfortunately, the file listed for this is incorrect and just a copy of Episode 1 so this episode is missing. Thankyou!

  70. Crisis in Six Scenes Please!

  71. Paw Patrol Season 6 – 9 please.

  72. whitney.vance56

    June 6, 2018 at 12:42 am

    Agent Carter Season 2, please? 🙂

  73. Do you have the Canadian mini-series Whiskey Echo? It had David Alpay in it. I haven’t been able to find it anywhere

  74. Can you try to get all the episodes of krypto the superdog?

  75. Felicitiejane

    May 10, 2018 at 1:28 pm

    Hey. Could you possibly put up all of the underbelly seasons please?

  76. Season 3 of Just Add Magic please?

  77. Could you add The Originals seasons 1 -3 please

  78. Anyone have the series Red Rock


    Been watching abroad and really want to watch the whole series.


  79. Please can you add the full season 3 of blaze an the monster machines as well as season 4 and 5 of paw patrol. My son LOVES these shows.

    Thank you

  80. Hello again. Sorry ive been a bit of a pain but would love all scandal. I thought it was on your old one but i cant find it. Has it been deleted?

  81. Could you please upload all of mcleod’s daughters. =)

  82. Could you please upload A place to call home season 4 there is 2,3 and 5 no 4

  83. Can you please upload breaking bad season 6. Thankyou.

  84. Is there any chance for you to upload Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Streets?

    Thanks a lot

  85. Please add Season 4 of The Booze Traveler.


  86. Please Upload Just Add Magic Season 2 (26 Episodes) or at least The Latest 13 Episodes from January 19

  87. Any chance of getting Turn Season 4?

    You have season 3 on Tellybits


  88. Please upload Season 30 of The Amazing Race US.


  89. I will subscribe if you have PJ Masks season 1 and 2

  90. Episode 5 of the Canadian Miniseries The Disappearance is from the French Series showing on BBC of the same name. Please provide correct episode.


  91. What has happened to Episodes 6-8 of the Canadian Mini Series The Disappearance?

  92. Please upload The Voice UK when it begins on 6 January 2018.

    Thank you

  93. Hello, could you please add season 1,2 and 3 of “a place to call home”.

  94. Can you upload Ryan Hansen Solves Crime on Television (YouTube Red) in MP4

  95. walking dead s8e07 seems broken/possibly malware

  96. Episode S09E10 of NCIS Los Angeles is malware. Please fix.

  97. Please upload a smaller file of Valor S01E08. A 4.2 GB file is really too big a file for a 45 minute 720P version.

    Thanks for your usual cooperation.

  98. The Gifted S01E09 is a wma file loaded with malware. Please fix

  99. The series Dark Episodes 1,3,4,8,9,10 all .avi files have no subtitles. Please fix
    Episode 5 is malware

    Rick Stein’s Road to Mexico S01E03. I still cannot play

  100. The Voice S13E21 is the same as S13E19, Please fix.

    Thank you

  101. Would it be possible to add the show Limitless, preferably beginning with the first season(s)?

    Thank you.

  102. Shannara Chronicles S02E10 is same as S02E09.

    Please fix

  103. Please upload British Series Rick Stein’s Road to Mexico

    Thank you

  104. Please upload Season 13 of The Voice US.

    Thank you

  105. Could you upload Season 1 -3 of Game of Thrones

  106. Could you upload season 2 of the Librarians?

  107. Please you are the only one who manage to rip

    The Frankenstein Chronicles Season 2 Episode 1.

    Could you PLEASE add episode 2 ?

    Tq mate

  108. A place to call home season 1 episode 1 is this possible please

  109. The latest episode of The Flash S04E04, is malware or virus infected, The 480 P version. When will you load the 720P version.

    The episode of Seal Team 480P version of S01E06 does not play. When will you load the 720P version.


  110. Wrong series of The Disappearance. Looking for the following

    The Disappearance

    Peter Coyote as Henry Sullivan
    Camille Sullivan as Helen Murphy Sullivan
    Aden Young as Luke Sullivan
    Michael Riendeau as Anthony Sullivan
    Joanne Kelly as Catherine Sullivan
    Neil Napier as Fred Cameron
    Kevin Parent as Det. Sgt. Charles Cooper

    The search for a 10-year-old boy who disappeared on his birthday leads to the uncovering of a family’s long-buried secrets.

  111. P;ease download the Mini series The Disappearance.



  112. Any chance you would have PJ Masks available?

  113. Any chance for Blaze and the Monster Machines?

  114. Heres an odd one but do u think you can get the saddle club? Its a old show.

  115. Download of The Last Ship S04E09 is Russian Language only. No subs. Please up load an English version.

    Thank You

  116. Scorpion S04E02 is a binary file ,exe not a video file. Please upload a video file.

    Thank you

  117. El Chapo Season 2. First episode is in Russian and Spanish. No English subtitles

  118. Please upload Season 1 of El Chappo.

    Thank you

  119. Can you upload “A Football Life” Seasons 4 & 5 please ?

  120. I am unable to Play any of the 480 P videos that I downloaded from your site for the past 3-4 days. 720 P and better all work. Problem is that only 480 P have been available. Examples are;
    The Orville S01E03
    Ray Donovan S05E07
    The Last Ship S04E07
    The Deuce S01E03

  121. Bones season 5 only has one audio and its foreign.

  122. Thankyou so much for doing all the bones! Im upto season 8 and episode 2 doesn’t want to download just keeps coming up with an error message.

  123. Season 3 of bones is also the same as season two, 4 seems okay. But i hqvent checked 5 yet

  124. Bones season 2 is in a foreign language. Could you please see if there is an English version.

  125. Hi there, just discovered this site! It’s great and all your effort is highly appreciated. I am looking for the original UK tv-show “Mistresses”. I guess it was aired in 1999. Do you have it and can upload it, please? Thank you so much! I.

  126. Episodes – Season 5

  127. hello,

    Could you please upload all of bones seasons.

  128. the originals season 4 full episodes, and game of thrones season 7 full episodes please

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