Scott and Stonebridge are recalled from holiday in California to capture Leo Kamali, a high ranking member of a terrorist cell led by al-Zuhari, an elusive terrorist. After capturing him in Colombia it is revealed that Kamali is working deep cover with the CIA to stop al-Zuhari. As Kamali is pressured to work with Section 20, Dalton is suspended by Colonel Philip Locke, who takes charge. Dalton is later killed by the Real Irish Republican Army (IRA), who have joined forces with al-Zuhari's group. In the meantime, Scott and Stonebridge are wanted by the Russian mafia after killing the son of mob boss Arkady Ulyanov in Colombia.

Country: GB
Release date: 2010-05-05
Crew: Andy Harries, Maaria Irtizaali, Gail McQuillan, Melinda Stokes, Grace Wilson, Camilla Wren, Lance Samuels, Christa Schamberger, Terry Fletcher, Andrew Benson, Gary Davy, Victor Jenkins, Elaine Pyke, Jaco Espach, Claudine Sturdy, Zou00eb Edwards, Marigo Kehoe, Samantha Putter, Jean Roux
Runtime: 45 min
Language: EN

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Episode 1    
S04E01 - Shadow Warfare: Episode 1

Episode 2    
S04E02 - Shadow Warfare: Episode 2

Episode 3    
S04E03 - Shadow Warfare: Episode 3

Episode 4    
S04E04 - Shadow Warfare: Episode 4

Episode 5    
S04E05 - Shadow Warfare: Episode 5

Episode 6    
S04E06 - Shadow Warfare: Episode 6

Episode 7    
S04E07 - Shadow Warfare: Episode 7

Episode 8    
S04E08 - Shadow Warfare: Episode 8

Episode 9    
S04E09 - Shadow Warfare: Episode 9

Episode 10    
S04E10 - Shadow Warfare: Episode 10