To live in a fairy tale does not mean that one has no care or worry. The trouble has come from unexpected sources. The evil sorceress that was placed in a dungeon by Snow White managed to get free. Once she is outside, she gets up to her old tricks. Used dark charms, she turned the heir to the throne to a retriever and put her own dog to his place. No one would have a thought that there is the tenth kingdom except nine fairy tale kingdoms. In the tenth kingdom magic is considered a fiction that only children believe in. This is the world where fairy prince got in.

Other seasons of this show:

The 10th Kingdom (season 1)

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Episode 1 - 2    
S01E01E2 - Part 1 & Part 2
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Episode 3 - 4    
S01E03E4 - Part 3 & Part 4
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Episode 5 - 6    
S01E05E6 - Part 5 & Part 6
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Episode 7 - 8    
S01E07E8 - Part 7 & Part 8
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Episode 9 - 10    
S01E09E10 - Part 9 & Part 10
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Episode 11    
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